Friday, February 11, 2011

Being away...

Its been a long time since I've had to travel regularly. In fact, since Kaylani was born, I've probably only been away from her a handful of times (not including the times she's been away from me). But as she gets older, I find it harder and harder to be away.

This past week I've been in St. Petersburg, FL, which was far warmer than home and should have been an easy trip to make. But from the get-go, things weren't easy. I left right after Kaylani's nap, which meant I had to say bye then too. So after story time, a song, a hug and a kiss, it was time to go. That's when Kaylani said this:

"Papa dont go! I want to go to work with you."

By itself, its kinda cute. But when you add on from a few days ago this:

"Papa lives at work. Mama and Kaylani live at home"

It all starts to hurt and is enough to make anyone homesick. Luckily both her and Mama have enough to keep them busy during the week to make time pass. Things like school, classes, and dinner with my family help are supposed to at least. But apparently they also cause some confusion since Kaylani freaked out when she saw Bat Bat and family today and I wasn't there.

Luckily I'll be home tomorrow morning and for the rest of the weekend. But I sure hope this being away thing gets easier since I'll be traveling 6 out of the next 7 weeks. Hey, one can hope right?

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