Friday, June 3, 2011

Sisters don't shake hands... Sisters gotta touch lightly on the foot!

Officially, I've never had a sister. Unofficially, I've had countless sisters throughout my life. Some I've acted like they were my own, some I've adopted as my own, and some I've been given even if I didn't want them as my own (kidding...kinda). But for Kaylani, she's wanted a sister from day -250 (which for you non-math geeks equates to month 1 of pregnancy), which is when we all found out Aliana was coming.

Since that day back in late September, every Aliana related word out of Kaylani's mouth has been "sister sister." And since Papa just recently remembered who Sister Sister the band was (thank you Celebrity Apprentice), I'm guessing it was because Kaylani actually wanted a sister and had nothing to do with the band.

So when the time came for Kaylani to finally meet the little sister she's always wanted, we were all filled with anticipation as to how it would go. Overall, I'd say it went great! First few moments were typical shy Kaylani. Walking slowly to the bed with a nervous smile on her face. Answering questions like "who's that baby Kaylani" with an almost inaudible whisper of "...Aliana..." Moving her hand slowly up to touch Aliana's foot ever so gently (while we kept reminding her "Gentle Kaylani. VERY gentle baby").

Things got a little more challenging when we wanted to take a few pictures of the 2 of them together. First Aliana started fussing (cute little lower lip shiver of a cry). Then Kaylani wanted to get closer, or hold her, or touch her (all to be expected). So we snapped a few (coming soon) and then let Aliana get back to what she really wanted to do...nurse.

After convincing Kaylani that she didn't need to be intimately involved with the nursing process, she gave us a couple of great lines on her own.

"She's cuuuute!"
"She came out of Mama's belly to see me"
"I want to take her home with me"

And the first thing out of her mouth this morning when I got her: "Are Mama and Aliana here? I want to show her Aliana's room!"

So I think its pretty clear that Kaylani is excited about being a big sister. And if I had to guess, I think she'll be great at it. If not, well then Aliana is lucky that we were younger siblings too, so we'll make sure she's taken care of!

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