Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm coming home!

Leaving the hospital was quite the little adventure for us. First, we had to repack all the things we brought with us. Things like clothes, slippers, makeup (Mama's..not mine), etc. Then we had to grab all the things "given" to us, like newborn diapers, wipes, the Similac baby starter pack (which we wanted more for the baby stuff organizer than the gross formula that Aliana wants nothing to do with), and a few extra shirts for Aliana.

And then we still had to grab all the extra stuff that was "provided" for us. You know, things like extra baby hats, baby blankets, baby burp cloths/mats, extra ginger ales and apple juices, the baby suction thingy (still have no idea what its called), baby thermometer, bedpans, the batteries out of the clock, the dry erase marker, the rolling food tray, and the end table. All things that the hospital was great enough to provide for us (I'm kidding after the thermometer...for the most part).

Then, all that was left was changing Aliana into a cute outfit for the ride, some socks, some spitup cleanup (damn formula), and then a two hour wait for the official discharge from the hospital. When the time finally came, Mama and Aliana piled into a wheelchair, and we made the walk down to the car. After loading both Mama and Aliana into the car (and dealing with someone honking at us to hurry up...seriously), it was off we go!

The ride home was actually pretty smooth...except for a few bumps at the beginning (actual bumps on the road). But once we got going, it was a nice smooth ride (road and Aliana) the whole way home. We even stopped to grab a pizza on the way without so much as a peep from the Peanut. The only odd part of the whole ride was how she looked in the carseat! So tiny and so strapped in, but so safe.

Anyways, we got her home safe and sound. Stay tuned for the recap on her homecoming welcome from Kaylani and Yin Yin! In the meantime, check out pictures from Aliana's first few days, and Kaylani from the last couple of months!

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