Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That's what she said...

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything, which either means nothing exciting has happened or I just simply ran out of time during the day to post. And with a 3 year old and an almost 7 month old now, I'm pretty sure you can figure out which one of those it is. Gone are the days where I could do a post a day for over a year. So to get things started, lets try something a little more manageable. Here's post #1 of the hopefully weekly "That's what she (Kaylani) said"...which will be all about the crazy things Kaylani says to us on a daily basis (until Aliana can talk too). Some will be funny, others will be embarassing (for someone), and even others will probably be gross (it happens). Some will be on Facebook, and others will be brand new to the Daddy Diaries. And all of them will be 100% verbatim. Anyways, here we go!

Me: "Kaylani did you fart or poop?"
K: "I didn't fart or poop. My butt just hurts and I need cream" (she pooped)

K: "I'm Princess Belle. Yin Yin is the talking teapot. Yeh Yeh is the talking clock. Aliana is the dog. Papa is the handsome Prince. Mama is the Beast."

K: "Papa, you don't need to go to work today because we don't need money. Santa is going to bring us all the toys!"
Me: "What about food? We need money to buy food."
K: "Oh. Umm...well don't buy sausage because we have lots of sausage here already."

K: "Aliana sneezed into her shirt! Silly Aliana. She's so gross."

K: "You can wear the purple necklace because red is my favorite color."
Me: "I thought green was your favorite color?"
K: "No RED is my favorite color now. I changed favorite colors. I'm so silly. Red AND green are my favorite colors! I changed from green to yellow to red! Little girls do that. Little boys do that too."

K: "Aliana no! Don't eat my beads. You can eat YOUR toys. Don't eat MY toys."

K: "I ate your face!"
Me: "Why did you eat my face?"
K: "Because I love your face!"

Me: "Was Santa good to you?"
K: "Yes! But he forgot a new playroom to put all the toys! Oops!"

K: "Mama, we need to go shopping"
Mama: "For what?"
K: "Red paint. I want to paint my hair red like Princess Ariel!"

K: "I want to play in Connor's basement. We can't play in our basement because there are spiders there."

K: "Those are my 3 squirrel friends!"
Me: "What are their names?"
K: "Wamasalani, Kinsalani, and Sheensheen"

K: (listening to "A Whole New World" in the car) "Hahaha, Papa he said he was flying SIDEWAYS! This is a silly song!"

So the theme right now is Kaylani is silly. Check back next week to see what other silly things Kaylani is up to. And later this week, its Aliana's turn in the blog so come back for that too! Guaranteed a good read or your money back!

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