Friday, January 21, 2011

Dora Live!

Kaylani's never actually seen Dora Live! In fact, I'm not sure it exists (although it probably does), but even so, we wouldn't need to because Kaylani is our own live version of Dora.

Dora is the one show Kaylani will sit through and watch while barely moving a muscle. So its no real surprise to us that whenever we ask what she wants to watch while drinking her milk before bedtime (typically the only TV time she gets during the day), she picks Dora. And because of that, its also no surprise that she talks about Dora all the its her life.

Its not uncommon to hear Kaylani say "oh man" when she talks about Swiper, or that he's going to "swipe my animals when I sleep" (which leads us to reassuring her that Swiper sleeps when she sleeps). Or that she "wears a seatbelt so she can be safe" like Dora and Boots. Or that she loves "the monkey and his boots." But then other times, she'll just rattle off entire episode plots. "Dora got in a car and Tico turned it into a boat and a plane and they saved the star yay!!" or "Boots blow the horn and say 'rain rain go away come again another day' and the rain cloud goes 'ewww I don't like that song' and they runned home."

We haven't figured out if its a good thing that her memory is so good (some of the plots/things she spits back are from months ago), or a bad thing that there's so much Dora stored up in her head. For now, we'll consider it a good thing since its really cute. So for those of you who spend time talking to Kaylani, a word of advice: watch/learn yourself some Dora if you want to have a chance at understanding what she's talking about. Trust me, because when we don't watch with her, we're lost and wish we could say "MAP" to find our way!

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