Friday, January 7, 2011

Pee Pee in the Potty!

We've got pee pee in the potty! PEE PEE in the POTTY! In case you haven't noticed, its a pretty big deal for us since its the first time we've seen her actually do it, and the first time she's done it on her own and by her own accord. Sad part is that I missed it. Actually, its more like I was excluded from it.

It was around 7:15pm on a bath night. After a 5 minute naked run/chase around the house (Kaylani, not us), I sat her down in the bath. Things were going like normal: soap soap soap, rinse rinse rinse, shampoo shampoo shampoo, rinse rinse rinse, cry cry cry. Then as I was getting the toothbrush ready, Kaylani started saying some strange things. The conversation went something like this:

Kaylani: I'm gonna do poo poo in the water.
Me: In the water? No, we don't poo poo in the water.
K: I want to do potty
Me: Ok, but not in the water. Let's brush your teeth now

I didn't believe for a second that she had to actually use the potty, and was actually trying to brush her teeth and get her out so she didn't do poo poo in the water. But when she started crossing her legs and doing the "pee pee" dance that every kid (or adult with poor bladder control) does, I pulled her out of the tub and put her on the potty. She sat for a bit, then cried and said she wanted Mama to put her on the potty.

Being in full swing with her terrible twos, I called for Mommy and stepped out. The tag had been made so Mommy could wrap up. But a minute later, I heard celebrating. Mommy was cheering and saying what a big girl Kaylani was. Kaylani was saying she got to have M&Ms now. And when I stuck my head in, in disbelief that a) she went, and b) I missed it, I was told flatly "Papa, go get me M&Ms."

After 4 mini M&Ms and a few minutes convincing Kaylani that she could wear her panties tomorrow instead of tonight, it was pajama time, story time, then bedtime. Tomorrow we'll see if we can have a few repeat performances since we'll be home all day. If all goes well, we might have a potty trained little girl sooner than we thought...and maybe she'll let me be a part of it! But only time will tell. Stay tuned!

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