Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Does this count as potty training?

Kaylani's only 10 months old. That's young. We're nowhere near official potty training, which is good since we have a brand new box of diapers sitting in her closet. But tonight, Kaylani gave us a glimpse into the life of potty training...kinda.

We were getting ready for bathtime which consisted of Kaylani getting undressed down to her diaper and then racing Mommy or Daddy back to the bathroom. Once there, Daddy took off her diaper to get her ready for the bath, but had a nice little poop surprise. After a poopy Kaylani up on his lap, he put Kaylani down so she could stand next to the tub as he adjusted the water. All of a sudden, something new happened. Something unexpected. Something...wet.

As Kaylani was standing next to the tub, she proceeded to pee. Now, I might not be a girl, but I'm pretty sure that girls aren't supposed to pee standing up. In fact, isn't it the one thing that girls complain about? The fact that they CAN'T pee standing up? If that's it, then let me tell you, it can be done! Okay, so she may have peed all down her leg and made a big mess on the bath mat, but she peed standing up!

Needless to say, Kaylani got to spend a little extra time in the tub today getting her bottom half scrubbed down...twice. Maybe this is the start of potty training. We can take off her diaper and hold her over the toilet to see if she'll go. Then again, maybe it was just a fluke accident and it won't happen again. We're hoping it's a fluke accident, because if standing naked makes her pee, then we'll have to replace our bathmats with disposable pee mats. Oh well, at least it's the guest bathroom!


Ashley said...

It would only be potty training if she did it in the tub... or on you..

Eric the Bolton said...

It gets better.. They'll soon start demonstrating the diffrenences in the ways boys and girls go potty...

Boys stand up..

Girls sit down..

I think she's tried to stand up once after being trained.. And learned the hard way when her panties got all wet..

JonnyTam13 said...

Luckily she was not standing on me, so I guess it wasn't potty training. I just hope she learns how girls go potty the right way soon. Actually, I just hope she stops peeing on rugs and her leg. I'll take that for starters.

Rina said...

Jon....girls don't complain that they're not capible of peeing standing up...we complain that we're not able to do so in a neat and clean manner. BIG difference! I think it would be potty training if she didn't pee on the floor and held it til she was in the tub or had a diaper on. :)