Saturday, September 5, 2009

Get your grass in gear

It was not too long ago that Kaylani was afraid of grass. She hated touching it in any way. Heck, she could barely even stand to look at it without breaking into tears. But today, she showed us that she's not a baby anymore. Well, not when it comes to grass at least.

After a busy day yesterday in the city, we took it easy today and went to Village Park to play on the swings for a little bit. After a few swings in the swing, we thought we'd see if Kaylani was still afraid of the grass. Turns out, she's not! She stood on it (with shoes), sat on it (with long pants), and then even crawled on it! She definitely seemed a little hesitant and would sit back up after putting her hands on it to crawl a few times, but after a few missteps, she was crawling around just fine. Okay, maybe she crawled 5 or 6 lengths quickly so Mommy would pick her up, but either way, she crawled on the grass without crying!

Just goes to show how quickly babies can change. 4 months ago, she hated it. Now, she's just fine. I can't even imagine what 4 months from now will bring along. Man oh man, she's growing up quickly.

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