Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your guest behavior

Remember growing up as a kid and meeting your parent's friends or maybe other relatives? Or going out to a nice dinner with your family to a place that probably wasn't "kid friendly"? Were you always told you had to "be on your best behavior or else?" I definitely was told that, so I thought I'd try and tell Kaylani the same thing. We had guests coming for the weekend, and that meant Kaylani had to be on her "best behavior", or her "guest behavior" as I call it.

Jay, Ashley, and Cole came to stay with us from Thursday to Sunday. With Kaylani sleeping for 10-12 hours straight at night ever since we got back from Cape May 2 weeks ago, we thought we'd be all set at nighttime to put Kaylani (and Cole) to bed and then hang out with our friends. Instead, Kaylani had other plans. Kaylani's "guest behavior" means that she wakes up after 4 hours because she knows Mommy or Daddy will come get her so her cries don't disturb our guests. In fact, she knows us so well that she thought she'd start Wednesday night before they even got here just to make sure that we knew what was coming.

It was around 2am when Kaylani woke up for the first time on Thursday morning. After a trip from Daddy and then another trip from Mommy a few minutes later she was back to sleep. The seed had been planted and she had us right where she wanted us. We have no idea what woke her up. Maybe it was gas. Maybe it was teething. Or maybe she really does know that our guests are coming to stay today. I hope I'm wrong, but if history has taught us anything, it's that Kaylani will definitely be on her guest behavior this weekend. Doh!

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