Monday, September 14, 2009

The Guessing Game

Whenever I come home from work, one of the questions I ask Mommy is "what did Kaylani (and you) have for lunch?" The answer is usually either direct ("harvest turkey dinner"), non-descript ("one of those turkey things"), or not answered ("don't was a bad day"). Since Kaylani is also eating pretty much everything we're eating as well, any one of those answers (except maybe the last one) could include things like bread, chicken, peas, beef, etc. That's where "the guessing game" comes in.

It's not that I ask Kaylani had for lunch when I come home just because I want to know (especially on a "not answered" day). I ask because it usually will sway the dinnertime decision. More importantly though, I ask to avoid playing "the guessing game" later on that night. For those of you unfamiliar with "the guessing game", let me fill you in.

"The guessing game" is something we play after Kaylani poops, and there are 2 parts. The first part is "guess if Kaylani actually pooped or not." That's the easy part. Taking a peek in back, or through the leg, usually tells us if we were right or wrong. The 2nd part of the "game" is the harder part. That's when we try and guess what Kaylani ate to make her poop look like it does. For instance, last night, Kaylani's poop was red. Not red like there was blood in it, but just tinted red throughout. After racking our brains to try and guess what could have caused it, we ended on watermelon. While we're not sure that was the cause, it sure was a better guess than mashed potatoes, green beans, or turkey.

While this game may sound disgusting to some, it's just another part of parenthood that we've fully embraced. In fact, while changing Kaylani's poopy diaper tonight, Mommy came over to see if she had to guess again. Since the poop was just plain brown, there was no game tonight (ah the exciting lives of parenthood). It reminds me of a scene from Baby Mama which we just watched this weekend. A baby comes in with brown stuff on her arm. The mom asks if it's chocolate or poop, and without hesitation, licks it. With a smile on her face, she goes "it's chocolate"! The other sister, throughly disgusted, says a bunch of things in disbelief, but turns out, that's what parenthood is all about. That scene hit home pretty hard. We're parents now, and that's something we know for sure.

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