Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Curious Grass

The last two days have been gorgeous out and Mommy and Kaylani have been stuck at home with the contractors working on the basement. But that doesn't mean that they didn't have anything to do. And just because they were stuck AT home, doesn't mean that they were stuck IN home (which isn't proper English, but you get the point).

Mommy and Kaylani took a trip into the great outdoors known as our backyard. Our grass was recently cut which you would think Kaylani would enjoy. Turns out, Kaylani doesn't like grass. At all. She didn't like to touch it. She didn't like to sit on it. She didn't like to lay on it. She definitely didn't even like to look at it. And she wasn't even directly on the grass!

We might be in big trouble going into the summer if Kaylani doesn't like the grass. To be fair, it was only her second time ever on the grass so she may still be adjusting. But from the way that Mommy described it, she was keeping her eye on the grass from the second she was taken outside. Mommy laid the blanket down, and Kaylani stared at the grass. Mommy grabbed the camera, and Kaylani stared at the grass. And when Mommy put her down, Kaylani screamed, and still stared at the grass.

When Mommy sat her on the grass, she cried. When Kaylani eventually fell backwards, she cried, then flopped over on her back real quick, but still cried. She calmed down for a little bit, enough for Mommy to snap a few non-screaming or crying pictures, but it was pretty clear the grass freaked her out. Guess we'll work on that this summer. But in the meantime, check out these pictures from the last couple of days!


Otter Thomas said...

Imagine how much she would hate it if she had to mow it once a week. Stupid grass.

Mayte said...

I can't believe how well Kaylani is sitting on her own! She looks too cute.