Monday, August 3, 2009

B vs B

I've heard that when you have 2 or more kids that you're not supposed to pick a favorite. You're supposed to love each kid equally. But what about parents? Are kids with 2 (or more?) parents supposed to pick a favorite? Tonight, we thought we'd try and find out.

After dinner we went to the playroom to squeeze out the last bit of energy Kaylani had in her so she would sleep easier better. At one point while Kaylani was crawling around, she started saying "mamamamama," which she's done countless times before. Mommy of course took this to mean that Kaylani loved her more. However, Kaylani's first sounds were "dadadada" and "papapapa," and she's repeated those frequently, so of course that means that Daddy is her favorite. Clearly, neither of us were going to give in on this one. That meant there was only one way to settle it: we both called Kaylani to see who she would go to.

Mommy won round 1, but to be honest, she cheated. I mean, Kaylani was practically next to her already so of course when Mommy called out to her, she just went straight into her arms. Daddy, on the other hand, was about 5 feet away. In round 2, Kaylani was put in the middle of the room with Mommy and Daddy on opposite sides. After everything was set, we both started calling Kaylani. Initially, she was headed towards Mommy, but then, all of a sudden when Daddy took out his Blackberry she came to her senses and headed towards Daddy. That's when Mommy cheated even more.

Daddy was just calling out "Kaylani Kaylani" repeatedly. Mommy, however, changed it up. Instead of just calling "Kaylani Kaylani", she started saying "Nurse nurse!" That's when Kaylani stopped in her tracks. She turned around and started to head towards Mommy. Daddy, not giving up, started waving his Blackberry around more calling her even louder and she started to come back. Then, Mommy cheated EVEN MORE. She pulled out the big guns...literally. In essence, Mommy flashed Kaylani to get her attention while saying "nurse nurse!" and that was the end of that. Kaylani sped over to Mommy and Daddy was left holding his Blackberry alone.

I just can't compete with that. In fact, no one can compete with that. Someday Kaylani will grow out of that phase, but for now, the boob wins it. Then again, most people would choose boob over Blackberry right?

Anyways, enough boob talk. Check out these pictures from the weekend! Most of them are from Gymboree on Friday since I had some camera issues this weekend. And just for clarification, the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with tonight's post. Just saying.


Eric the Bolton said...

Oh man.. That's good stuff!! I'm conflicted to tell my wife this story.. She'll use it against me.

Otter Thomas said...

Our son has still never said dadada. I think he is the only baby ever to not make that sound first. He says mamamamam and bybybybyby.

I would choose boob every virtually anything.

JonnyTam13 said...

@Eric - Your wife will use her boobs against you? Tough life ;)

@Otter - I'm sure he'll say Dadada soon enough. Maybe he's saving it for a special occasion!