Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just like Mama

Today was Kaylani's 9 month checkup. It's almost 3 weeks after her actual 9 month birthday, but due to vacation schedules (ours and Kaylani's doctors), we had it now. We were actually okay with the delay since we though we could fatten Kaylani up a little bit more before her official weigh in. We were wrong.

At Kaylani's 6 month check in, she was 35th percentile in height, 21st percentile in weight. While that's not terrible (and percentiles are likely adjusted for bigger babies), we wanted her to be more closer to average. Well this month, Kaylani was way above height. She measured in at 28.5" tall, or in the 76th percentile in height which is great. That means she'll be tall like her Mommy. On the other hand, she only weighs 15lbs 15oz, which is in the 5th percentile, or not even close to average. While percentiles don't mean anything really and Kaylani is perfectly healthy, she's still a skinny little girl, just like her Mommy.

Her doctor gave us strict orders to fatten her up (okay, they weren't so strict but she suggested we stuff her silly to put some meat on her bones). In addition to the 20-24oz of baby food she gets now, we're supposed to give her yogurts, cheese, cottage cheese, things with cheese melted on them, cottage cheese with melted cheese and yogurt drizzled on top, and pretty much any food that we're eating as long as it's not honey, chocolate, nuts, dairy, or a few other things that I can't think of right now. Sounds great! The question is whether or not she'll eat any of it.

Tonight we tried yogurt for the first time and she seemed to enjoy it (banana sweet potato yogurt from Sonia). She also had 4oz of her own baby food, and a piece of bread that she ripped into little pieces, smushed into balls, and threw on the floor while occasionally eating a bite here or there. Tomorrow we'll try yogurt again, maybe some cheese, and probably some cottage cheese too (gross). The best way to fatten her up would be to get her on formula, but since she's still not good friends with her bottle, I guess we'll just stuff her full of any food we can. And if that doesn't work, then I guess she'll just stay tall and skinny...just like her mama!


Melisa with one S said...

No worries! My older son was in the 10th percentile for weight for years; in fact, I think at 17 he STILL might be: he's 5'9" and about 130 or something like that. The important thing is that she stays at her percentile or higher at a steady rate and it doesn't drop.

Otter Thomas said...

We have a big boy. He is 90% in height and 80% in weight. He actually dropped in weight from 6 months to 9 months because he only gained a pound. I guess he is getting more active. He started eating new things too and he loves yogurt.

Lisa said...

Cheese is a good one... I cut up tiny bite size pcs for him to eat. Also in the morning, I often make him cheese omelettes (egg yolk only with some cheddar cheese). He really loves it!

JonnyTam13 said...

@Melisa - 5'9 and 130?? Man, I thought I was tiny when I was 5'9 and 150 at 17! Granted that's probably because I was 5'0 and 100 the year before...

@Otter - 90% and 80%? Holy cow! Braden could eat Kaylani for breakfast!

@Lisa - Cheese omelette sounds delicious! Def gonna try that one soon...for Kaylani too :)