Saturday, August 1, 2009

Relaxing in the Pool

I had a feeling that swim class was going to be different today even before we got there. Alan, Mayte, Nolan, and Kayleb came to visit us this weekend so we were up late hanging out and catching up with them. On top of that, Kaylani decided to wake up around midnight which meant that Mommy had to nurse her back to sleep (we don't let her cry it out when we have guests over). Thankfully she went back to sleep easily, but it also meant she slept until 6:30am instead of waking up sometime before 6. That meant our morning plans were out the window.

We thought we had it all figured out last week. Up before 6, breakfast before 7, in the car at 7, napping by 7:30, up by 8:30, nurse until 8:45, then swim class at 9. Today, it was up at 6:30, breakfast at 7:30, nursing at 8:30, out the door at 8:45, swim class at 9. The key thing missing there was the nap. Mommy's experience during the week with Kaylani has been that she could make it through morning events without a nap. Daddy's experience is kinda different.

We had a different instructor at class today (I didn't even catch her name), so we were more off of our normal Saturday routine. From the get go, Kaylani was a little sluggish in the water. She had her death grip on me and wasn't a big fan of anything that didn't involve her clinging directly to me. You'd think that I wouldn't have dunked her, but I did (she didn't cry which was good). The really odd part of the class came when we were practicing floating on our backs.

Normally, Kaylani would freak out and squirm a lot. Today, she just laid there with her ears and her hair in the water. All of a sudden, she started to close her eyes. I looked at her unbelievably and said "are you going to fall asleep??" She looked at me one last time, closed her eyes, and she was out. Sleeping. On her back. IN the water. I couldn't believe it.

She stayed that way for the next 20 minutes. We did ring around the rosie, and the hokey pokey, and more float on our back time, and the whole time, Kaylani slept floating on her back. At one point, the instructor said we should have them lay on their back and be as still as possible so they learn to relax. The key was to teach them to balance a toy on their belly or their forehead. Kaylani aced that one. She didn't even move when I put a crab toy on her head.

I guess it's a good thing that she felt relaxed enough to sleep in the water. Next week, we're going to take a nap BEFORE class though. Otherwise, it's just no fun (for me that is)!


Melisa with one S said...

That is hilarious. Too bad you didn't get video of that; you probably could've won the big prize on America's Funniest Home Videos! I can't believe she SLEPT in the pool!

JonnyTam13 said...

No kidding! Of course the one time I go alone she does it. Sheesh!