Thursday, August 27, 2009

Operation: Fat Baby

So baby weight percentiles aren't something we should live by. In fact, I think they're similar to BMI for adults. They both provide good measures, but is 5th percentile for Kaylani really bad? And is a BMI of 28 really bad? I don't really know the answer, but I do know that when my BMI was 25, I lost 18 lbs in a month (and 30 lbs overall) so I could have a BMI of 24 because my doctor told me to. And since I listened to the doctor for my own health, you bet I'm going to listen to the doctor for Kaylani's.

Even though Kaylani is completely being in the 5th percentile, we've embarked on Operation Fat Baby. Today, Mommy hit the grocery store for a 6 pack of YoBaby yogurt and cottage cheese. Mommy was also motivated enough to start making Kaylani's food again, which meant we got to dust off the Baby Beaba for the first time in 3 months. So for dinner, Kaylani had plain boiled white rice and chicken, blended to some gross looking gooey substance, and then mixed with 2 oz of Gerber carrots. End result? Kaylani LOVED it. She wolfed down approximately 4 oz of the mixture with no problems.

Now the other thing Kaylani's doctor told us was to keep feeding her until she gave us clear signs that she was full. To make sure, we put an empty spoon near Kaylani to see if she would open up, and sure enough, she ate a spoonful of air. That meant it was YoBaby time. Apple YoBaby to be exact. For once, we were both thrilled to try her food since we've done so with everything else she ate. We were surprised when it tasted delicious, like apple pie! It also made us wonder when was the last time we had regular yogurt instead of some fat free or 99% fat free diet yogurt thing.

Anyways, Kaylani loved her apple yogurt. She loved it so much that she wanted more. Mommy was a little afraid to be stuffing her this much, but when Kaylani opened up for her 2nd spoonful of air, Daddy cracked open the 2nd 4 oz container of Apple YoBaby Yogurt. This time, Kaylani ate about 3 oz of it before she finally pushed me away. 11 oz of food tonight is what Kaylani ate. In addition, she also had a little bit of water, a Earths Best teething cracker, and a taste of my beer (which she grabbed forcefully from my hand before I had a chance to stop her...kinda).

Tomorrow, we'll try it again. We're not exactly sure if she'll eat regular baby food any more since she turned down breakfast and lunch after tasting yogurt for the first time yesterday, but we'll see. If not, I guess we'll have to stock up on more fatty foods and start to cook her real people food from now on. Operation: Fat Baby may just turn into Operation: Empty Wallet, but at least it will be for a good cause.


Lisa said...

Glad that day 1 of operation feed baby was a success!

PJ Mullen said...

My 16 month old has been in the 5th percentile his entire life no matter what I've tried to do to fatten him up. My friends son who is three months younger than him has seven pounds on my little man. I was doing two yogurts a day and some extra finger food snacks throughout the day for a little while. The reward for that? He gained nine ounces between doctors visits. I figure he's healthy, happy and eats readily (for the most part), so he's the right size for him I guess.

Mayte said...

Keep the good work!
Kaylani might enjoy also little pieces of waffle or pancakes it soft & yummy
cheerios too :)

Otter Thomas said...

Good work with operation fat baby. Add milkshakes and sticks of butter to the diet. That ought to fatten her right up.

Shannon said...

Why don't you try avocado? It's full of healthy fat and easy to mush. I know Brendalys isn't a fan, but it definitely fits the fatty bill.

JonnyTam13 said...

We've tried it all except for milkshakes and sticks of butter. I think we'll wait until the 1 year mark for that ;)