Monday, August 17, 2009

Pack and Sleep

Today is officially my first day of vacation. We actually got down to Cape May on Saturday afternoon (after sitting in an hours worth of traffic), but today is the first vacation day I had to burn, so that means vacation has officially started. If vacation started Saturday, we would have kicked it off in grand style. But since it started this morning, we're off to a rough start.

Saturday night Kaylani slept for 10.5 hours in her pack and play in our room. Then, on Sunday, she took two 45 minute naps in her pack and play (which is unheard of since she only sleeps in her carseat or her swing at home) and played all day with the family. We went to the pool, for a walk by the beach, to the grocery store, and even grilled up lunch and dinner. And when bedtime came around, Kaylani passed out at 7:30pm, just in time for Mommy to come join the rest of the family for a nice, home cooked rib dinner.

The rest of the night was spent drinking and playing a dice game called Farkle until we were all spent at 11pm (man we're old). That's when the real vacation started. Instead of slipping quietly into our room and into bed without Kaylani even noticing, Kaylani woke up and greeted us with a cry. It may or may not have been Daddy brushing his teeth that woke her up, but either way, she was up. After a few minutes of trying to "shhh" her to sleep, Mommy tried nursing. 20 minutes later, still not asleep. Next it was Daddy's turn to rock her to sleep and put her down. 20 mintues later, no luck getting her to stay down. Then it was Mommy's turn to rock her to sleep. No luck again. The next hour was spent rotating between Daddy rocking her, Mommy rocking her, and Mommy nursing her, all with the same results. Kaylani wanted absolutely nothing to do with the pack and play.

With no options left, we tried something we've only done twice before, both with limited success. We put Kaylani in bed with us. Tucked safely between the two of us with her holding onto one of each of our fingers, she fell asleep. The problem is that we're both really uncomfortable sleeping in the same bed as Kaylani. Not that we think we'll roll over her, but more that we think she'll crawl away and fall off. Mommy's problem is actually that she doesn't like people sleeping real close to her, so the fact that Kaylani likes to cuddle and breathe on her doesn't bode well for Mommy getting some sleep. Daddy would love it if she would cuddle with him (Mommy or Kaylani), but that wasn't in the cards.

At 5:30am, Kaylani was up again and crawling all over us. After nursing and screaming some more, Mommy tried to rock her back to sleep and put her down. 15 minutes later and Kaylani was back in her pack and play, but she wasn't planning on sleeping, even though Mommy was. So after Mommy laid down, and Daddy was lying down, Kaylani scratched on the sides of her pack and play. 5 minutes of silence later, we thought we were in the clear, until we looked up. Looking back at us was Kaylani, standing in her pack and play, staring back at us with a look that said "you really think I was going to sleep with you lying right there?"

And that was it. We were up for good at 6:30am and it was time for breakfast. In total, Kaylani probably got 6-7 hours of sleep last night. Mommy and Daddy were lucky if we got 2 hours combined since we kept waking up to make sure Kaylani didn't crawl away. Thankfully Kaylani is down for a nap right now, in her pack and play, and Mommy is taking a quick nap too. I'm kinda scared to see what tonight brings. We're planning a long day at the beach, at the pool, and outside, so maybe we'll tire Kaylani completely out. I'm not sure what we expected since it is called a pack and play. Maybe I'll add in a trip to the store to find a pack and sleep. Anyone know where I can find one?


Eric the Bolton said...

trade secret..

0.4ml Infant Tylenol.. Cherry Flavor.

surprised mom said...

They don't make Pack and Sleep. Figures, doesn't it.
Still, I hope you enjoy your vacation.
I think you should put a call into the Sandman.