Sunday, August 2, 2009

What the?!?

There are certain things that just come out of your mouth instinctively. For example, if someone punches you, you say "ow." If someone is about to run across the street into traffic, you might yell "stop!" If you drive by a cow (or a horse or a goat), you'll say "mooooo" (no? just me?). If you see a bale of hay, you say "hey!" to get people to look (no? just me again?). Or if you look into your baby's diaper and see a lot of light brown that looks to be liquidy, you say "what the?!?!?"

Tonight, Kaylani's diaper gave us a "what the?!?!?" moment. We were getting Kaylani ready for bed when Mommy asked Daddy to look at something. Daddy, being as innocent as he is, went over to Mommy to take a look. That's when Mommy pulled the back of Kaylani's diaper away from her so Daddy could look down into the abyss. "What the?!?!?" was the first thing that came out of my mouth. Stepping back a step was the first movement I did. Of course Mommy didn't have a good answer to "what the?!?!?" and frankly, neither did Daddy. The more concerning part was that it was light brown, looked extremely liquidy, and there was a lot of it. The "there was a lot of it" part was definitely the most concerning.

According to Mommy, Kaylani made a short farting noise and then "that" happened. We tried to think of what could have been the cause. She did have Country Chicken Apple Compote (or something like this), and it sure did look like it was some sort of compote in her diaper, but that didn't make sense since this was Day 2 and her poop was normal before this. Maybe it was the Gerber Corn Puffs we gave her at Babies R' Us today, but that didn't make sense either because one puff (or 20) shouldn't have come out looking like 300 puffs mashed together. So we had no real cause, and just figured it was because she hadn't pooped in a good 24 hours and has been stuffed full of food since then.

Thinking back some more, it explained why she randomly started crying after dinner and before bedtime while she was playing with her bucket of blocks. At the time, it didn't make sense for her to make a really sad face and start crying when Mommy and Daddy clapped after she put a piece back in the bucket. Thinking she just didn't want us to clap, we let her keep playing on her own, but she kept making sad faces and crying. Turns out she didn't care if we clapped, except for the fact that it forced her to poop her own weight out at that very moment.

Anyways, after changing Kaylani on the floor with one leg over her chest to prevent her from moving (thanks for the advice WeaselMomma!), we examined her poop a little bit closer (one of the joys of parenting). Turns out it wasn't liquidy at all. It was just a lot of light brown poop that was smushed real flat (which I guess happens when she poops out a beer cans worth of poop and then sits on it and rolls on it for 10 minutes). Now she's nursing and just about ready for bed. I think Mommy put it best when she said "let's hope she doesn't poop like that while she's sleeping." Let's hope so indeed because frankly, I'm not sure the crib can support that amount of added weight.

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