Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finishing off the Fourth

This weekend has been a long weekend, and I don't just mean because I had Friday off. Fourth of July lasted far longer than just one day, and today, we officially closed out the Fourth with one last BBQ. This time, we had it at home with a few of our friends. And if you know anything about Tam's, it's that we like to go big or go home...except we're already at home.

Okay, we didn't actually go that big, but we did have a lot of fun. Kaylani, Sofie, and Aidan had a grand time in the baby pool, while Darby and Sloan played in the bigger pirate ship pool. We grilled, drank beers, ate cake, pie, and more all throughout the day. We even got a visit from Mia too and all the kids played together in the yard. And all in all, I'd say the kids (and their parents) had a great time!

I'm actually so spent that I can't even do the day justice. In fact, Kaylani doesn't have the energy to cry tonight (yet). She had such a good time that she passed out and stayed down after only nursing for 10 minutes. So instead of trying to describe the great time we've had this Fourth of July holiday, here are a few pictures from today, and a ton of pictures from yesterday (it's much easier to take pictures when you're not grilling). Be back tomorrow in full force!


surprised mom said...

I looked at the pictures. It looks like Kaylani,her parents,and their friends and family had great Independence Day weekend. How wonderful! BTW,did anyone ever tell you that Kaylani is an adorable child. I bet they did.

JonnyTam13 said...

Thanks! We think she's pretty adorable too ;)