Tuesday, July 14, 2009

She's baaaaaack!

Is it true? Can it be? Is she back? Those are questions we asked ourselves this morning when Kaylani woke up at 6am. Waking up at 6am isn't exactly groundbreaking news, but it is when you consider the fact that she didn't cry at all last night after falling asleep quietly at 8:30pm. For the first time in over 2 weeks, Kaylani slept for 9+ hours straight. And when Kaylani sleeps for 9+ hours straight, all is right in the world again.

Not only does it make Mommy and Daddy get better sleep, but it makes Kaylani happier during the day (in my opinion). For the hour I got to see her this morning, she was smiling, energetic, and best of all, not fussy. Then, in the hour I got to play with her after work, she was eating, she was playing, and she was laughing. And from what I heard from Mommy, she wasn't too bad during the day either. And now that Kaylani is back asleep again, we find ourselves hoping that the answers to our questions this morning are all "Yes." And so far, all signs for "Will Kaylani sleep 9+ hours straight again?" seem to point to "Yes."

Sign #1: She ate all 4 oz of her food easily
Sign #2: She nursed for 30+ minutes
Sign #3: She closed her eyes a little bit when I kissed her before putting her in her crib
Sign #4: She stared at me after we put her in her crib but didn't cry
Sign #5: She cried for only a few seconds when I left the room, then found her bedtime monkey and played with that
Sign #6: She was asleep within 3 minutes of me leaving the room
Sign #7: It's been 90 minutes and she's barely moved and hasn't made a peep
Sign #8: We didn't even give her Infant's Motrin or Tylenol tonight for the first time in 3 nights

Those are 8 great signs that we're headed towards another great night of sleep for Kaylani. I only wish I could go to sleep now too and take advantage of it. Instead, I'm watching the All-Star game on ESPN Gamecast, and preparing for a10pm conference call at the same time. Speaking of which, I gotta run to that now. For those of you who don't have to work right now, check out my latest post at Dad-Blogs on some ways to fix the "All"-Star game!


surprised mom said...

Glad you got your sleeping Kaylani back! It sounds like when Kaylani sleeps that whole family is happier and more engergetic. Sleeping is such a good thing!

Otter Thomas said...

Congrats on sleeping all night. Braden has a good streak going right now too. It makes a huge difference in every aspect of life.

JonnyTam13 said...

Sleeping is amazing. We're going for night 4 in a row tonight. So good..