Sunday, July 26, 2009

It Takes Two

Weekends are a great opportunity for Daddy to share in Kaylani's daily activities. They provide a time to finally see what Mommy goes through 5 days a week while he's at work. It also gives Mommy a little bit of a break so she can relax and not worry about Kaylani clinging to her or crying because she's not clung to her every second of the day. Sounds great, right? So why is it that weekends are frustrating for Mommy?

Okay, they're not really frustrating. They're just kinda frustrating. Sure she loves having me around. She also loves that I'm happy because I get to spend time with Kaylani. And she especially loves the part about her getting a little bit of a break from the baby clingy thingy. But what's frustrating to her is how different Kaylani is on the weekend. According to her, it's not a fair depiction of what Mommy goes through 5 days a week. Instead, it's like she's a completely different baby. Not in a bad way, but still different. For example:

Weekdays: Kaylani will cry/whine in her bouncy while Mommy takes a shower
This Weekend: Kaylani played with her toys in her bouncy while Daddy took a shower

Weekdays: Kaylani will take 1 nap on most days for 45 minutes to an hour, and usually only when she goes in the car to go somewhere.
This Weekend: Kaylani slept for 2 hours in her swing this morning, plus another hour in the car on our way to the farm/park.

Weekdays: Kaylani will wake up as soon as Mommy stops the car or tries to transfer her to her stroller.
This Weekend: Kaylani stayed asleep as Daddy transferred her to her stroller...for an hour and a half after!

Weekdays: Kaylani will crawl to Mommy (crying/whining along the way) and climb up her if she's left alone.
This Weekend: Kaylani sat and played by herself in the family room and the playroom while Daddy walked around picking stuff up.

Weekdays: Kaylani will be fussy during her lunch and eat 4oz only.
This Weekend: Kaylani ate her 4oz of lunch (sweet potato chicken again!) plus another 2oz of apples and apricot.

There are probably a few more examples, but you get the point. I guess it just takes two of us to make Kaylani an easy baby. I am still completely amazed and impressed by Mommy due to everything she has to handle during the week by herself with Kaylani. I'm not even sure I could do it if I was put in the same situation. But if weekends are any indication, then maybe it just takes that special Daddy magic. Just kidding Mommy! :)

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