Saturday, July 18, 2009

Splash Down!

Saturday is Swim Class day for Daddy and Kaylani. And this being the third class meant that it was time to work a few new things into the plan. So in addition to the standard "wheels on the bus" or "humpty dumpty off the ledge" games we played, we also added something that Mommy has NOT been looking forward to. She's actually been dreading it for quite sometime. But since Daddy is the one with Kaylani in the water, there's not too much Mommy can do about it.

Kaylani wasn't actually that happy during today's class in general. She slept for 45 minutes before hand, but apparently that wasn't enough. Last week she slept for an hour before class and we threw her right into the water. The first class she slept for only 10 minutes and seemed kinda outta it. One of these days we'll figure out what's the right morning routine before swim class. Today wasn't it.

So when Miss Suzie told us that it was time to play "dunk the baby" towards the end of class, Mommy wasn't the only one kinda unhappy. Kaylani wasn't all too happy up until that point, but Daddy was going to play along anyways. I mean, the instructor told us too! The only problem was how it was going to happen.

Most babies keep their mouth closed all the time. Kaylani does not. While just dunking the baby under water real quick seems easy enough, it's not quite that easy with Kaylani's mouth open. So after a moment's hesitation while everyone else dunked their baby (and the subsequent cries that came out from most of them), Kaylani and Daddy went for it. A quick puff of air in Kaylani's face to make her close her eyes and her mouth, and under she went!

Want to know what she thought of it? Well check out this video! It's a few clips from throughout the class. The splash down happens at the end. Only time will tell if we'll do it again next week!


Otter Thomas said...

That seems kind of harsh but I am all for it. My little brother spent several swim lessons as an older child sitting on the side discussing the pros and cons of putting his face in the water. He was deathly afraid. Just chucking them in seems much easier.

JonnyTam13 said...

It feels pretty harsh too. I'm just hoping it pays off in the long run. Actually, I'm just hoping that she doesn't freak out next time I do it.