Friday, July 17, 2009

It's a bumpy road

A couple of weeks ago we bought one of those shopping cart "nests" for Kaylani. To be honest, I'm not even sure what they're actually called, but they're the things that you put on top of the shopping cart so that Kaylani doesn't have to sit in all the filth that has accumulated there. I think ours is from Infantino, but I don't really know...Mommy picked it out. Anyways, that's not important. What is important is that Daddy got to do some grocery shopping with Kaylani in it for the second time ever. Not sure Kaylani's looking forward to a third time.

The first time we went out using the "nest," it was during a Daddy-Daughter Saturday morning. After figuring out how it worked (the velcro straps seemed intuitive enough but I didn't get it right until we were almost out of the store), we sped around the store sans Bjorn and sans stroller. Amazingly, grocery shopping became easy again. The only difference from grocery shopping pre-Kaylani was that I couldn't leave my cart lying randomly around while I went down the aisle to get something, and I couldn't crash into carts that other shoppers annoyingly leave in the middle of the aisle. Aside from that, it was exactly the same.

Now Mommy and Kaylani have gone shopping a few times with this "nest," including once earlier today already, so Mommy knew what the deal was. After spending a few minutes making sure that Daddy knew Kaylani liked to lean to the side (which Daddy of course shrugged off because who wouldn't know such a thing), we strapped Kaylani in and headed towards the store. The ride through the parking lot was nice and smooth. Kaylani was chomping away on her toy and hanging a little to the left, but so far, smooth goings.

It was when we got to the entrance that things turned bumpy...literally. The entrance to Wegmans is tiled, which means it gives that nice little vibration on the cart, or what I'll describe through my words as "duhduhduhduhduhduh" sound. Of course it's also a little loud (so maybe it's more like "DUHDUHDUHDUHDUH") so Daddy didn't exactly hear Mommy saying "Kaylani's leaning all the way to the left." When I did hear Mommy, I responded with a "Yeah, she'll live" because it's true, she would live! I mean, she's just leaning a little to the left. Okay, maybe it was a lot to the left.

When I looked down at Kaylani, she was so far left that her head was on the side of the shopping cart. And when you mix Kaylani's head on the side of a shopping cart making a "DUHDUHDUHDUHDUHDUH" noise, you get a "WAHHHHHHHHHHHH" type of noise too. Oops. So Kaylani was crying a little bit. I straightened her up, smiled at her until she smiled back at me, and we were back on our way into the smoother flooring inside the grocery store.

I guess the moral of the story is that Daddy was right...Kaylani would live. Sure Mommy was right too for warning Daddy about the leaning to the left thing, but overall, I'd say no harm no foul, right? Maybe not. Guess I shoulda seen that one coming. "Duhduhduhduh...DUH!"


PJ Mullen said...

My little man would lean forward and try to bite the handle on the shopping cart. My wife insisted on buying one of those things, which I was not a fan of in the first place. Since I do pretty much all the shopping solo I stopped using it after it didn't fit well on a lot of shopping carts. I carried wet wipes and would wipe down the areas he would touch and just kept an eye on him to avoid any chewing incidents. My wife finally relented when I sent her out shopping with him and she came home exasperated. There's $30 I"ll never get back.

Eric the Bolton said...

I think it's to each his own.. I thought they might be useful but have never gotten one. Mainly because the store we go to has carts that fit two kids.. And that's what we need..

I was always afraid that I would always forget it or something.. Like those dang "green shopping bags" I have like 15 of those and haven't reused any of them..

JonnyTam13 said...

Yeah...we haven't really used it that much. We're cursed with buyers impulse.