Friday, July 10, 2009

That's just the way it is

Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs

It's finally Friday. Not only does that mean the week is finally over, but it also means it's time for another round of Fatherhood Fridays over at Dad-Blogs. Don't forget to check out the great posts over there...but not until you're done here of course. Don't worry, you'll be done soon, because I'm pretty done myself.

It's been one heck of a week over here. 5 long days filled with back to back to back to back to back meetings, which left actual work to be done in the few minutes in between, or late at night. Add on 5 long days of teething and you get one heck of a week over here. Did I say that already? By all definitions, this would be considered a bad week. Long work days mean shorter time with Kaylani. Long, sleepless nights mean less energy to handle a long work day. As a one off, not so bad. But when repeated for an entire week it starts to wear on you.

I'm actually not even going to complain about the number of meetings or the amount of work I had (and still have) because in this economy, any work is good work. The worst part of all of this is that it's taking away from the time I spend with Kaylani, and also the way I spend my time with Kaylani. Instead of relaxing and having a great time, I spend an occasional hour in the morning with her, which is usually just me talking to her while I get ready to leave. Then, by the time I get home it's usually holding her for a few minutes before she has to get up to bed and get some sleep. And after a few more hours of work, it's off to bed for Mommy and Daddy so we can get up in a few hours to start it all over again.

My ideal view on Fatherhood would be to spend quality time with Kaylani by playing with her, teaching her, loving her, and watching over her for as long as I can. Sure there are days that I wish I could spend all day with her (in addition to weekends) and do all of those things on a regular basis, but that's not something I can do. The other, less glamorous part of my journey into Fatherhood is to be a provider for both her and Mommy. And if having a lot of work means that I have a job, and having a job means that Kaylani is taken good care of by Mommy, then that's a part of Fatherhood that I'm willing to accept.

So while going to work and spending less time with Kaylani isn't ideal for me, that's just the way it is. I still wouldn't trade my version of Fatherhood for anything in the world. Well, maybe a foolproof get rich scheme or a lottery jackpot, but that would only change the working part of Fatherhood. I'd still find the time to play with her, teach her, love her, and watch over her. Hmm, maybe I should play the lotter. Hey, you never know. All it takes is a dollar and a dream, right?


Doug Swist said...

Fatherhood is all about choices. You hope you are making the right ones to provide for your kids and your family. Doesn't mean you always like the ones you have to make but you do what you have to. Seems like you are doing a pretty good job so far.

surprised mom said...

I'm sorry your week was rough and you didn't get to see as much of Kaylani as you wanted.
You seem to a very well-adjusted daddy and person and realize your priorities. That says a lot of good things about you. I'm sure Mommy and Kaylani appreciate the sacrifices you make for them. It sounds like you have a great family there and you're willing to do all you can to support them. What a great person, husband and dad!

JonnyTam13 said...

Thanks guys. Its not easy, and it may not seem like it, but I do love every minute of it. Just gotta step back and realize what its all about every now and then.

Brian H said...

The clock and the calendar can indeed be mortal enemies, worth of the slowest and cruelest of deaths.

Let me know if you figure out a way to defeat them.