Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Puff The Magic Food

It was almost 8 weeks ago that we gave Kaylani her very first Sweet Potato puff. Put another way, it was 8 weeks ago that we forced an edible puff into Kaylani's mouth and watched her gag on it because we thought she should have been ready to eat it. Funny how much babies can change in just 2 months.

Today marked the first day that we fed Kaylani a considerable amount of puffs successfully. She's been eating 1 or 2 for the last couple of days, but I'm pretty sure she ate half a containers worth today. The best part is that she did it all without choking. Instead, we felt like she wanted to choke us at times for not feeding her fast enough.

When I got home from work, she ate about 5 of them one after another. Then we went shopping at BJ's, and she ate about 20 of them one after another (and screaming if they didn't come fast enough). Then we went to Outback for dinner, and she ate about 50 of them the same way. Now here we are at home with a 1/4 container of puffs left and contemplating heading out to the store now to pick some more up for the morning.

The funny thing is that we looked at the container again today and like most Gerber products there was a stage based icon right on the front. The icon was a picture of a baby crawling. 8 weeks ago, Kaylani wasn't crawling. 4 weeks ago when we tried again, she still wasn't crawling. 11 days ago she actually started crawling, and 3 days ago she started eating puffs. Maybe we should have listened to the Gerber icons. I'm sure Kaylani wishes we had.

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surprised mom said...

Nothing like icons to lead the way. :)
Actually, I think you weren't incorrect in feeding Kaylani the veggie puffs early. Each baby is different and you never know what they would like to eat at what stage. In this case, well, the icon was right, but it's not always.
Glad to see Kaylani is enjoying her veggie puffs now. I'm sure you're glad she's no longer gagging.