Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dinner and a Poop

People with newborns don't get out to the movies very often. Actually, people with babies in general don't get out to the movies very often. So because of that, dinner and a movie becomes a thing of the past. Going out for dinner, however, is not something that new families avoid. So we decided tonight that we were going out for dinner as a family. Yin Yin and Yea Yea (Chinese for Grandma and Grandpa) are in town, so out we go!

Right after Mommy gave Kaylani her last sponge bath EVER (her umbilical cord fell off today!) and nursed her for not even close to the last time ever, we headed to a local restaurant (you may call it a Chinese restaurant). She fell asleep during the short car ride over, so we thought to ourselves that this may be a whole lot easier then we imagined. Full baby + sleeping baby = happy parents. I'm good at math, but only math that involves numbers apparently because full baby + sleeping baby does not equal happy parents. Here's how my little math problem plays out:

We sit down. We look over at Kaylani and she's sleeping. We order. We look over at Kaylani and she's awake! It's like a horror movie scene where one second you look over and the person's not moving, and the next, eyes wide open staring back at you. Well, it's like that, but not scary at all. So she's awake, but not crying, and barely moving. No problem!

We sit some more. We talk some more. And then it happened.


So Mommy picks her up. She sways a little bit, and all is quiet again. Things seem like they'll be alright, but that's when she felt...it. It turned out to be a little moisture on Kaylani's back. "Maybe it's sweat" Mommy says. Makes sense to me. After all, she has been in a wool car seat sack for 20 minutes and cried for a little bit. But wait, newborns can't sweat. No problem...right? She did just take a bath so maybe we just didn't dry her well enough.

Well a wet baby could turn into a sick baby, so being the prepared parents we are, we whip out her change of clothes, and head for the bathroom. Hmmm, no changing table in the bathroom. Alright, well we whip out her change of clothes, break out the changing mat, and get to work right there in the booth (by the way, in this story, "we" actually means "Mommy").

First layer, pop pop pop go the buttons. Out come the feet. Freedom! And then...and then, it all went yellowish brown. This time, there was no soft serve ice cream machine stuck in the "on" position. We're way past that. This time, we've got the aftermath of a blow out on her hand (literally). And wouldn't you know it, here comes the food! First course, on the table. Kaylani's last course, everywhere.

Now luckily Kaylani's poops don't really smell yet, and luckily, there were only a few other tables in the restaurant and none could see exactly what we were dealing with (although it didn't take much imagination to figure it out). Mommy did her best with about 10 wipes, and Daddy took the unedible course to an outside garbage can. Few minutes later, Kaylani was glazed over and content with herself and Mommy and Daddy felt good about conquering their first public challenge. Perfect time to start dinner!

So there goes another day of firsts. And who needs dinner and a movie when you can get dinner and a poop anyways? Not me!

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