Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Wrestling Match

These last couple of nights brings me back to my college years. Back when I would stay awake for days at time, doing nothing more than sit around and play computer games, or even worse, watch infomercials (didn't everybody want to buy a Ronco Dehydrator?). It's funny how my body used to recover just fine from those nights. Granted, back then, I could sleep through my 8am class (and the one at 9 and 10 also) and be ready to go all night again, but still, my body, or more specifically my brain, was able to function properly.

About 5 years ago, I used to joke that I should have a baby immediately since I was just fine getting 3 hours of sleep. In fact, my body never used to let me sleep more than 3 hours at a time. Now? I'm starting to realize my body wasn't telling me to stay awake, and it's getting that message across loud and clear.

When I think about last night, or first night at home, the first thing that pops into my head is a wrestling match. The obvious connection between trying to get a baby to sleep and a wrestling match would be the fight between me trying to put her down (you're small and you poop yourself!) and her staying awake, but it goes a couple of levels beyond that.

The first thing I tried was breastfeeding. After Brendalys told me to get the hell away from her breasts, we tried breastfeeding the baby. Worked like a charm...until we put her down (you're short too!). As soon as she hit the crib, it was squirm here, squirm there, squirm squirm squirm...which really makes her look like a worm since she's all swaddled up. 5 minutes later, she's back in my arms.

Next, we tried rocking her to sleep in the glider (I guess that would be gliding her to sleep). Worked like a charm...until we put her down again (you cry like a baby!). As soon as she hit the crib, squirm squirm squirm, and back in my arms again.

So we did what we were hoping to avoid this whole time...we put her in our bed. The thought here was if she slept right next to us, then she'd still feel our warmth and love, be all secure, and sleep like a charm. Worked like a charm! Seriously! She lasted a whole 20 minutes before she moved. And once the squirming started (here's where the wrestling comes in), I dove on her. Literally, I smothered her and looked like I was pinning her down for a 3 count, except it took a good 7 count. I felt like it was one of those times where the referee has been knocked out while I pinned her, and no one was around to count her out and end the match. Anyways, we went through this routine for about 40 minutes. She'd move, I'd jump on top of her. At one point, Brendalys opened her eyes and freaked out because she thought I fell asleep and was rolling over Kaylani. Ha, fall asleep. I wish...well, except the rolling over part.

Around 2:30am, I gave up. I decided the referee wasn't going to come to his senses and call the match over, so I took her back into her room and sat in the glider. We glided for 5 minutes before she passed out. Another 20 minutes and I was out too. I woke up around 5 am and went to "tag" Brendalys in. It was time for her to try her signature move...the breast feed. The rest of the morning is a bit foggy since as soon as Kaylani was safely in mommy's arms, I hit the mat and was out. Not just light sleep out, but out like Kimbo Slice after 14 seconds (zing!).

I came to around 8am. Turns out Brendalys' time in the ring went just about the same as mine. We'll see what tonight brings. It's already 9pm, which means the overnight shift is lurking. There are different pre-game rituals for everyone. For example, Kaylani is sleeping in my mom's arms right now, obviously resting up for a great fight tonight. Brendalys is taking a shower in the few moments she's been able to spare. And me? I'm letting my faithful readers in on my life, because no matter how bad it sounds, it's still the greatest story I've ever told.

I think I just heard the bell, or in this case, a cry. That can only mean one thing...it's go time!


Jeph said...

Why Hello! Welcome! Come on in, it's nice to have some company here in sleeplessland. Don't worry, I've heard it gets better at some point...that's what they say, anyways...still waiting for that over here. A trick I learned: single malt scotch helps. One bottle of that and you'll sleep like a baby through the whole night...as for the baby, I don't have any tips...good luck!

Cindy said...

OMG... ok so not to be graphic but I about wet my pants laughing... JT, Princess - I am so excited for you... Baby Princess - OMG is your dad whipped!

Congrats to all - and please know that you are missed - PS say hi to Mom Tam :o)

Hugs from Memphis via Burlington...

JonnyTam13 said...

Hey Jeph and Cin. Both of your posts end up with someone having to change a diaper, and neither of them are a babies!

And Cin, was there ever any doubt that I was going to be a whipped dad? :)

Mr. Sherman said...

This blog is awesome.