Friday, November 14, 2008

Top 10 Memories of the Week!

To celebrate Kaylani turning 1 week old, here is The Daddy Diaries first ever Top 10 Memories from the Week:

10. Hearing her first sneeze
9. Waking up every morning and seeing her
8. The time she slept for 4 straight hours at night
7. Being able to laugh during and after the poop incident
6. Anytime she smiles
5. Watching her try and latch on to my face when she's hungry
4. Letting her curl into a ball while sleeping on me
3. Listening to Mommy "moooo" like a cow when she's going to breastfeed
2. The first time she grabbed my finger and held on
1. Seeing her for the first time ever and realizing that I'm now officially a dad forever

Thanks for sharing this wonderful time with us! I've added Day 6 and 7 pictures to the album, as well as a new section for visitor pictures. Come and visit and get your picture added to the album!

And lastly, since our friends Rob and Jen just visited us with their baby Sophie (born 10/23/08), I thought I would mention the need for Kaylani to have more friends around her age. Soooo, get cracking people (specifically Jes/Brian and Tim/Mere. Tommy/Gretchen, I'll start dropping hints in 6 months).

Right now, I'm off to bake some cookies (aren't I just the best little house-husband?) before we try and get swaddle Kaylani off to sleep tonight (this better work Jules!)

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