Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Rid of the Devil

We went to Church today for the first time since Kaylani was born. We thought it would be good to cleanse our mind, and good for Kaylani to experience what Church was, since we plan on doing it every week. What we didn't know was that it would cleanse more than our mind.

We were about 5 minutes late to Church, so Mass had already started and the Church was packed. It was also raining, so I dropped Mommy, Yin Yin, Yea Yea, and Kaylani off at the door and went to park the car. When I got in, I saw them all getting into an aisle, and of course, we didn't have the end. I excused myself in and took a seat. We were through the Gospel in no time and Kaylani was calm as could be. She just sat in her car seat and stared at the people, the beautiful stained glass windows, and just enjoyed the music and the readings.

Then IT happened. She started to cry, and if you've been reading along with the Daddy Diaries, you know what IT usually is. Mommy picked her up and immediately noticed that she was wet. Wet like Chinese Restaurant wet. And since Daddy was the closest to the aisle, he was handed the diaper bag and a wet Kaylani and sent walking.

So, Kaylani and Daddy excused our way out and headed for the closest bathroom. For those of you who are good with measurements, it was a 4'x2' bathroom that had a toilet on one end, and a sink on the other. Standard size toilet, and standard size sink means that there was roughly 2' in the middle. For those not good with measurements, picture one of those mall photo booths, but a tiny bit roomier. Of course there was no changing table, but luckily the toilet seat had a cover, and it looked clean, so I went to work.

Out comes the changing mat with its two pockets (one for diapers, one for wipes). I unzipped both pockets and took out the necessary tools, except the wipes came out in a group of 5, and there was nowhere to put them so I had to separate them out and lay them neatly on the backpack. Oh, and Kaylani was pinned against me with my left arm this whole time. After I had everything laid out, Kaylani was laid on the changing mat covered toilet seat (which, was slightly curved as most are by the way), so I had to hold her steady all the time.

The next step was the clothes. Off come the pants, which used to be brown, but now were brown with yellow splotches. Then, there was onesie number one, which had a cute cow that looked like she had her own little accident. Of course, since this was a pull over your head onesie, it had to be rolled up as to contain the poop. Onesie number 2, which was a plain white short sleeve onesie, was no longer plain white. It basically served as diaper #2 and took the brunt of the blowout. Same thing happened, and it had to be rolled up and over her head. Then I got to work on cleaning her.

Now, all this rolling and pulling did 2 things. First, it rubbed off on the changing mat, so now that had poop on it. Second, it left me with a poop covered Kaylani, and a poop covered changing mat, and nowhere else to turn. If I put a clean diaper on her while she was on the changing mat, poop would be on the outside of the diaper then. So, I picked her up (bare naked and poop covered) and went to wipe down the mat, except I ran out of wipes. By this point, Kaylani had enough, so she was crying and squirming in my arms. The wipes, securely in a zipper pocket hanging off the mat, wanted nothing to do with me, so I gave up. I folded the mat back in half, and put her down on an even smaller changing surface now (still on top of a toiliet in case you forgot).

Then I dressed her as quick as possible, which was not quick since it consisted of a long sleeve onesie and then a button up body suit, which for organization sake, was already buttoned and had to be UNbuttoned to be put on. Finally, Kaylani was clean, dressed, and ready to go. Now all we had to do was clean up our work area. Diaper mat in the bag, plastic bag (of course at the bottom of the diaper bag) taken out, poopy clothes put away, poopy diaper disposed of and covered by a mountain of paper towels, and then we're ready to go.

I headed back into the Church after what seemed like a long time. I think it was actually about 10 minutes, which I thought was pretty good. Oh, and as I held her in my hands for the rest of Mass, she also spit up on me. And did I have a burp cloth handy? Yep! But was it over my shoulder? Anyways, that was our Church experience. If I had known that Church was going to cleanse Kaylani like that, I probably would have gone better prepared. But, as Mommy pointed out to me, next time, I could probably just use the bigger bathroom down the hall that has a counter and is about 6'x6'. Sigh...

Anyways, check out a few pictures from the last 2 days. There aren't many, but they're still adorable pictures of Daddy's little girl. Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Move up to the next size diaper! They seem way too large, but that worked for us w/ Conner! :) Never had a blowout though, only pee leaks.

JonnyTam13 said...

That was actually our first time out with the new size (size 1!), so we wondered if it was too big and it leaked out (she fits into them now though and hasn't had another blowout)! Or, it could also be the fact that she was in her carseat and the angle combined with the volume and...well, you know the drill :)