Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

It's a dog eat dog world out there. If you can't beat em, join em. Put those two together, and what you get is the fact that I want a dog. In fact, Mommy wants a dog too. If I had to guess, Kaylani would want a dog as well. So why is it that we don't have a dog? Oh right, because everyone told us not to get one.

3 years ago when we lived in Orlando we talked about getting a dog. Mommy wanted a Yorkie or a Maltese and Daddy wanted a big ol' Lab. What we wanted didn't matter because we weren't at a point in our lives where we could get a dog. Mommy and Daddy were both traveling 4 days a week, which meant there was little time for a dog (or much else) . Then, after moving to our apartment in NYC, we had to put our dog day dreams on hold. But all of that changed when we bought a house in NJ, but then quickly changed again.

Our backyard is completely fenced in which means it's perfect for a dog of any size. Well, maybe not ANY size, but definitely big enough for a Lab and way too big for a Yorkie. We finally had our house in the burbs with a fenced in yard, so it meant it was dog time, right? Right...kinda. We were in the market for a dog, and at that point, we even knew Kaylani was on the way. Unfortunately for us, everyone else knew Kaylani was on the way, and everyone else steered us away from getting a dog.

Apparently the consensus was that having a baby AND raising/training a puppy is not a good decision. These "babies" take up a lot of time and attention, and so do puppies. We thought we could handle both, especially with the aforementioned fenced in backyard, but in the end, we decided to hold off. Not because we thought we couldn't handle it, but because we were unconfident, newbie parents. Well here we are now with 7 months of parenting experience built up (plus 50% on top of that that I earned from having a "Dads, Not Babysitters" t-shirt from Dad-Blogs). And now, I want a dog.

We finally got around to watching Marley & Me last night. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it as long as you can handle a sappy movie with a ridiculously sad ending (which I won't give away although I'm sure you could figure it out). Sappiness aside, it brought back my desire to have a puppy of my own again. It's been 15 years since we gave away my puppy Max (a Bichon) because I was headed off to college and my parents were moving to Boston. And for 15 years, I dreamed of the day when I could get a puppy of my own again. Maybe, just maybe, that day is near.

There are definitely the pros and cons of having a puppy, and I'm well aware of most of them. Sure they take a lot of work, need a lot of attention, and have the potential to eat my baby, but all of those are offset by how fun, loyal, and cute there are (okay, maybe not the eating my baby part). We were over at Aidan's house today and they have a Yorkie that definitely didn't try to eat Kaylani, unless you count a couple of licks to the face as eat attempts. I mean, I guess it could be a bit different with a Lab, but that really just means it's a bigger tongue to lick her face with, right?

So we're not sure if we'll get a puppy now or not. Maybe we should hold out a few more years until Kaylani asks for one. Sure would be easier than buying her a pony or a spaceship. Unfortunately I've never been one to wait around for things to happen, but fortunately the one thing I've learned since I've had Kaylani is patience. They say it's a virtue. I say it doesn't get me a dog. Tough call.


Daddy Files said...

We had two dogs when Will was born and I won't lie, it was hard. But we re-homed our dalmatian and now, with one dog, it's really great.

Sure there are downsides (like finding someone to take care of her when we go on vacation) but the upside is tremendous. And we don't even have a fenced in yard. Our golden is so happy and so good with Will, I will ALWAYS have a dog as long as he/she is good with Will and other kids.

But for me, no puppies. I always adopt from the pound. Puppies would be too much work with a kid and I have a soft spot for pound dogs.

Good luck, I say screw what everyone else says. Do what makes you happy.

Julie Thompson said...

You have to get her a puppy before she asks for one! We have a lab who is wonderful with Kaitlyn. Even though Sable was the first baby, she has not been one bit jealous. She is the big sister and protector. Kaylani needs to have a puppy. I also strongly recommend the rescue. We rescued Sable when she was about 8 weeks old and she is incredibly loyal...I think in part because we gave her a home when she never had one. You definately need a puppy soon!

Rina said...

Since your wife wanted a yorkie or a maltese, you should get a Morkie!! I saw one for the first time last was SOOOO cute!!

Otter Thomas said...

I love dogs. My lab was my best friend before I met my wife. I am sad to say that I neglect our two dogs quite a bit now. Working and being a parent is about all I can muster. We do take the dogs to the lake with us a couple times a month so they aren't totally abandoned.

Jay Ramirez said...

I can send you Dude Penguin Cheese. He chewed up my iPhone.

JonnyTam13 said...

Daddy Files - Finding a dog that's good with kids will be the key. I think that goes in favor of the Lab over the Yorkie!

Julie - Rescuing a puppy is a great idea and we'll definitely do it if/when we decide to get one

Rina - Yorkies or Maltese's are hard enough to find..I'm not sure we'll even find a Morkie! Plus, unless it looks like a Lab, I'm not going to want one

Otter - Hmm, I don't want to get a dog and then neglect it. Definitely a decision we'll take very seriously

Jay - You can keep Dude Penguin Cheese. Kaylani eats my phone already. I don't need competition

surprised mom said...

If you want a dog, get a dog. Do what you want to do, not what everyone else wants you to do. Besides, dogs are fun. If you get a puppy, it can grow up with Kaylani. You just have to chose a dog that gets along with children. I have a dog and a cat. We got them New Year's Day four years ago at the local pound. Had no intention of getting the dog. But he was one and cute and his posture shouted that he needed us. He's a dauschund mix. I have no idea what the mix is. When he jumps, he clears the ground. And he's fun to cuddle.