Monday, June 1, 2009

Diaper Power

Sleeping through the night is a great thing. It really is. It let's the entire family not worry about waking up for anything for a solid 8 hours (or 10 hours if you sleep like Kaylani did last night). But the real fun is the next morning, and it's not just because we're well rested. It's not just because Kaylani greets us with a great big smile when we open her door and hover over her crib. It's not just because Mommy and Daddy feel completely relaxed and at ease. It's because our baby weighs about 10 lbs heavier then she did the night before.

Now, there are plenty of reasons Kaylani could gain weight over night, but only a few that would explain a weight gain of up to 10lbs. It's possible that she ate the monkey doll that we put in her crib with her at night now, but that wouldn't make much sense since the monkey only weighs 1/2 a pound or so. I mean, I guess it could have changed into something much heavier once it got inside her, but that would be unlikely.

She could have eaten the shirt off her back, literally. But I think that would pose much more problems than eating the doll. I mean, she'd have to figure out a way to get the shirt off, which requires her figuring out how to get it over her fat head.

It's also possible that she ate one of her own arms, but then I don't think she would have gained any weight since the arm was originally part of her weight. Plus, I hope she never knows what Coyote Ugly is, or more specifically, I hope she never has to actually experience it (probably will be impossible for her to be in a situation like that since she'll be locked up in her room until she's 30 anyways).

So I guess the only real reason she could have added 10lbs to her weight overnight would be due to the ridiculous amount of pee that she pumped into her diaper. Seriously, there are mornings when the diaper is starting to fall off of her when I pick her up because it's so heavy. These are the same times that I put a dent in the floor after throwing the diaper in the garbage. I mean, they're so wet (how wet are they?) that they leave wet pee outlines on the changing table if I put it down just for a second.

This may sound gross, but I wouldn't change a 10lb pee diaper for anything in the world (well, I would change it, but not CHANGE it). If she's got a 10lb pee diaper, then it probably means she slept for a solid 8+ hours. Or it could mean that we're mean parents and let her sit in her own pee all day instead of changing her, but that sounds mean so let's just stick with the 8+ hours of sleep scenario. So keep sleeping Kaylani, and I'll keep posting pictures like tonight. Check em out and hope Kaylani keeps on sleeping!


surprised mom said...

I remember those days of 10-pound diapers. I also remember the smile on my face because I had slept for eight or more hours. The 10-pound diaper didn't matter. Sleep was had by all and we were happy. Enjoy the 10-pound diaper and the great night's rest!

Melisa with one S said...

I always wondered HOW they could actually sleep once those diapers got so wet and heavy. Crazy! But congrats on the long sleepy nights!

JonnyTam13 said...

She could pee so much that her mattress turns into one giant diaper for all I care. Go sleep! We're 2 for 2 so far :)

Robert said...

Great news that she is sleeping through the night again. We started using the Huggies Overnight diapers when Sofie started sleeping through the night to overcome the same problem and they help a lot.

Otter Thomas said...

I know how you feel. Sometimes when our son sleeps all night there is some leakage. I don't mind a little pee if it gets me a lot of sleep.

JonnyTam13 said...

@Rob - Huggies? Can't do it. I'm a brand loyal Pampers guy for now (even though we actually use Huggies wipes)

@Otter - I felt the same way when I was drunk in college: A little bit of pee was worth it if it got me a lot of sleep.

Robert said...

I agree about the brand loyalty to Pampers (and Elmo). The Pampers equivalent to the Huggies Overnights got bad reviews on the Pampers' website, so we pulled the trigger on the Huggies. I can live with only 1 Huggies diaper per day.