Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've always said that I would stand up for my little girl through out all aspects of her life. Little did I know that she'd do the same for me so soon. As of yesterday, Kaylani is officially standing! Okay so it's not entirely on her own, but she is standing on her own two feet while holding onto something. Whether she grabs the couch, a table, or her Leapfrog Learning Table, she's standing all by herself...much to Mommy's dismay.

You remember when we were teaching Kaylani how to sit? Every time we'd put her on her butt, Mommy would hover over her and catch her at the slightest wobble. Not surprisingly, Mommy is the same way when it comes to teaching Kaylani how to stand, except maybe even a bit worse. Daddy's pretty confident that Kaylani can hold her balance for at least a solid 30 seconds to a minute without any assistance, but when we practice around Mommy, I'm not sure she can stand it for that long.

You see, Mommy has just a tiny bit of an anxiety problem when it comes to things like this. She feels like Kaylani could fall over and hurt herself. Now, she's right about that because it is a possibility, but that's why Daddy is never a more than a foot away from Kaylani while she's standing. Usually, he's even right next to her (or behind her) with his ninja-like reflexes at the ready to catch her should she come crashing down to the side or backwards. Apparently Daddy's ninja-like reflexes don't mean a thing to Mommy.

We'll keep working on Kaylani standing until she's a pro. One of these days, she's going to be standing all by herself in the middle of the room, and we're just going to stand back and watch her. When that day comes, Mommy might be standing back and watching with a brown paper bag in her hands to help her breathe, but it's going to happen. Soon enough Kaylani will be pulling herself up from a sitting to a standing position, and that's when it all begins. She's pretty close to doing so already, but falls over immediately, so we still have a little time. Better get ready Mommy because our little girl is all growed up!

To prove it to you, check out these pictures from the last week or so. We've started to miss a few days of pictures, but here are some from Boston, Cape Cod, and even of Abuela who is in town for a week! The last ones have her standing all by herself! Not pictured: Mommy freaking out behind the camera.


surprised mom said...

Thank God for Dads! They seem to have less of a freak-out factor. My husband was kind enough to hold the paper bag for me when I hyperventilated at this stage.
Kudos to Kaylani for her standing abilities! Soon, she'll be off and running. Preparing to get your exercise Daddy?
Did I ever tell you Kaylani is an adorable name for an adorable little girl?

JonnyTam13 said...

Well thanks! We love the name Kaylani. If you're interested, here's the post from what feels like AGES ago on where it came from: