Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Learning the ABC's

Kaylani has a bunch of toys that teach her things. Some teach her about textures, others about noise. Others have bright flashy lights, and then there are ones that she just eats. But a few of her toys are educational, like the LeapFrog Learning Table that we got from Danika. Now that she's finally old enough to sit up by herself and play with a toy, it's time for her to learn her ABCs. And by her, I don't just mean Kaylani.

One of the features of the table is that it will sing the ABC song. It's the standard version that goes from A to Z, and then ends with "next time won't you sing with me?" You know, the one everyone knows. Well Mommy and Kaylani were playing with the table today and of course, Mommy sang along. Believe it or not, Mommy's voice is better than the one that comes out of the table (I swear)! But when Daddy came home, things changed.

I wouldn't call it stage freight because frankly Mommy and Kaylani weren't on a stage (although Kaylani was sitting on a pillow that could have been a stage), but it was definitely something. Right around the "L-M-N-O-P" part of the song, Mommy would get just a bit mixed up. Sometimes she'd skip the L, other times the M would mash together with the N. And sometimes, she'd get stuck earlier at like F or G. Either way, it was kinda funny to hear.

Now I know Mommy knows her ABC's, and I also know that it doesn't come as natural to her as it does to those of us born in the states (Mommy was born in PR for those of you who didn't know). But I started wondering what Kaylani would learn. Every time something like this happens, I always jokingly say "poor Kaylani's going to be so confused." And it's always meant lightheartedly and jokingly..or is it? No, it is.

There's no real point to this because I know Kaylani will grow up to be just as smart (or smarter) than both Mommy and Daddy combined. I really just wanted to take a cheap shot at Mommy. For the record, after proclaiming I could sing the alphabet in Spanish better than she could in English, I got mixed up on W and X and made it sound something like "doble equis." I think I just need a beer.


surprised mom said...

Didn't it say in the wedding vows, "I promise not to take any cheap shots at my wife and the mother of my children?" You'll have to go back and look.
Seriously, the educational toys are wonderful because they promote learning and fun. I hope Kaylani and Mom continue to sing along and have fun. Daddy can sing along but only if he remembers, no teasing Mommy.

JonnyTam13 said...

I would have never put something like that in my wedding vows. As a matter of fact, I believe I put something in there about always making her laugh, whether its at her expense or mine :)