Monday, June 22, 2009

The Power of Drool

It's no secret that babies are drool machines. And it's no secret that Kaylani is a baby. What that means is that Kaylani is a drool machine. She'll drool on anything in her way (and some things out of her way). Onesies? Don't stand a chance. Bibs? Just delaying the inevitable. Rugs, blankets, toys? Throw em in the dryer. My Blackberry? Just wipe it dry...until it breaks.

Tonight my Blackberry died. Well, it's actually not dead yet. You can email me and I'll see the little red indicator light blink. You can call me and I'll see your name and number pop up. You can text me and my phone will vibrate to tell me that I have a new message. But that's about all I can do. I can see all of that happen, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it because Kaylani drooled on my phone.

The fact that her drool paralyzed my Blackberry is as ridiculous as the fact that I waited at a Verizon Wireless store tonight for 1.5 hours just so technical service could tell me that I need to file an online insurance claim (even though the website says they can replace it in store). Apparently "liquid damage" is not covered in store. To make things worse, when I filed my online insurance claim, my Blackberry Curve was on backorder and the alternate choice was another model...the Pink Curve. Figuring the Pink Curve would be too tempting for Kaylani to drool on again, I made a call and ended up getting the Blackberry 8830 World Edition which is essentially the same phone, sans camera. It was a tough choice, but I'm over it. What I'm not over yet is this whole "liquid damage" thing.

Liquid Damage? Seriously? I mean, it's just a little drool! She's drooled on my phone countless times before. Heck, I've even drooled on my phone before. I've used my phone out in the rain. I've put it down in a shallow puddle of water before. How is it possible for Kaylani to have drooled so much that the only thing that works is the trackball (just the movement, not the actual functionality)? I mean, sure she had half the Blackberry in her mouth, and sure she practically soaked the entire thing, but still, it's just a little drool people!

I'm thinking they should come out with a Toughberry. You know, like the Toughbook laptops that they have now? Or maybe they just need a Babyberry. I mean, baby drool should definitely be something that any phone should be able to handle. They could even have the same phone/feature and call it a Drunkberry for all those college kids who pass out and drool all over their phone. If you see one on the market in the future, just remember you heard it here first!

So anyways, I hope you all learned the lesson that I did today. Baby drool is a powerful thing and should not be taken lightly. Oh, and I guess there's another lesson too. Something around the fact that I shouldn't give Kaylani my Blackberry to play with because she might just break it. Mommy's been trying to teach me that one for awhile now. And when it keeps her from being fussy while we're trying to eat our dinner, I say that it's a hard lesson to learn. Plus, that's why I have phone insurance anyways right?


Doug Swist said...

Did you try the whole freeze/thaw thing? I thought Jay did that once when his bberry got dunked in water

JonnyTam13 said...

Hmm, I'd try it, but I needed a phone ASAP so I called in the insurance. Maybe my phone will work in the morning so I won't be phoneless for a day.

surprised mom said...

Wow! Baby drool really is powerful! I didn't know this when my girls were drooling over half the world. Of course back then neither the Mister or I were carrying BlackBerrys. I think they still had those bag phones you plugged into your car's lighter. Yeah, I'm old-er.
And I never heard of the freeze/thaw thing. I'll pass that onto the Mister. Thanks.