Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La magia de Abuela

For the past couple of days, Kaylani has been absolutely amazing. We say that a lot, but this time we REALLY mean it. She's been napping without crying, sleeping at night without crying, sleeping 10-11 hours straight at night, eating fruits (apricots and sweet potatoes) without spitting up, and being as happy as can be.

We have several theories as to what caused this sudden shift in Kaylani's behavior. One of them is that she's just happy to be out of her carseat since she took 10 naps there over the 4 days we were up in Boston/Cape Cod. Another is that being away from home made her realize how great she had it here. It's even possible that she is so happy that Tommy and Gretchen got married that she can finally relax. All of those are great theories, but none of them explain it as well as our last one: Abuela has some sort of magic with her.

Abuela arrived in NJ 2 days ago. She was supposed to arrive tonight after a short trip to DC, but after a luggage mishap left her empty handed, she stayed with us instead. She arrived around 1am on Tuesday morning, and that's when it all started. When Daddy left for work on Tuesday, Kaylani was still sleeping which was odd. She didn't even wake up until 8am. Then, she took 2 naps in her swing without making a peep, ate all her food, and went to sleep the next night at 9pm. This morning, she didn't wake up again until 8am, took only 2 naps, ate 4 meals (that's right - FOUR), and is now off to sleep again quietly. Amazing.

Mommy thinks Kaylani is being so good just to make her look bad. The weeks before Abuela came, Kaylani was causing Mommy to go just a little bit crazy. She wasn't napping, wasn't eating, and was waking up at 5am every morning. But now, she's being a perfect little angel which is why Mommy thinks it's a show. I can see where she's coming from, but I definitely think it's Abuela magic.

Whatever it is, we just hope it stays around for a long time to go. Luckily, Abuela is here for another 10 days. Maybe that'll be enough for us to harness la magia de Abuela for future use. Never hurts to have a little something hanging around!

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