Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now this is summer!

Padrino/Godfather Tim came to visit his Goddaughter. It's been just about 5 months since the last time he came down (and about 2 months since he last saw her), so needless to say she's just a little bit different now. Surprisingly, Kaylani didn't cry that much when he held her. Maybe its because of their bond through God. Or maybe its because she stared at him for a solid 10 minutes before he picked her up. Hard to say.

Today was a long day, but it finally felt like summer. Tim and I went to play a round of golf during the afternoon (my first round as a Dad...more to come on that). And when we got home, we fired up the grill and all 4 of us (Kaylani included) hung out outside on the porch. With the weather warming up and the Spring showers gone for now, it finally felt like summer.

Its just past midnight now and I'm completely spent. After golfing, grilling, drinking/hanging out, and a couple of games of pool, its time to go to sleep. Hopefully Kaylani will sleep through the night, for Tim's sake. If not, hopefully the white noise maker will do its job, again for Tim's sake.


surprised mom said...

Even though you were exhausted, it sounds like you had a great day! And guests of friends with very young children should know that sleeping through the night is NOT guaranteed, white noise or not! Besides, if said friends do not have children, it's almost evilly fun to introduce them to certain joys!

JonnyTam13 said...

We had a great day! And you're right, our guests are definitely not guaranteed a peaceful night. Luckily Tim sleeps like a brick and didn't hear anything. Operation "get Tim to have kids" is well on its way :)