Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekend Forecast: Busy with a chance of rain

Ahh the weekend. This week consisted of 5 very long days at work which meant that this weekend couldn't have come soon enough. Finally, it's here and it's time to relax. Time to sleep in, sit on the couch all day, take a few naps, and just relax. Oh right, we don't do stuff like that anymore.

Weekends are family time now. They're my chance to make up all the time I missed spending with Kaylani during the week and I love them. I get to spend 2 full days with Kaylani, which is way more time than the two to three hours a day I get during week (if I'm lucky). But this weekend, we've got much more in store for us. This weekend, Abuela and Abuelo are in town. Titi Briseida and Tio Carlitos are in town. And Titi Glenda, Tio Pritesh, and Primitos Alisha and Rohan will be in town. And it just happens to be Mommy's birthday weekend, so that means its PARTY TIME!

Okay, we don't actually party anymore. Just like weekends aren't for relaxing anymore, our parties aren't really a party. Instead, it'll be a family BBQ in the backyard where we pass Kaylani around and try and enjoy the weather. Maybe we'll take a trip to Princeton in the afternoon. Maybe we'll go out for breakfast on Sunday morning. Maybe we'll just stay home all weekend (except for the trip out to Kaylani's first swim class at the YMCA tomorrow morning)! I don't really know what's in store for us and frankly I don't really care because it's the weekend!

Not surprisingly, there's a forecast for a bit of rain tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it's rained at least 5 times a week over the past 2 months so none of this is new. Sometimes I feel like our house was relocated to Seattle, but that's besides the point. Just like the plethora of plans we have, a little rain isn't going to change anything because it's the weekend! So bring on whatever you got. I'm ready for ya!


surprised mom said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! I hope the rain doesn't spoil anything, or better yet, it doesn't rain.
Unfortunately this weekend is more about running here and there and then working, so relaxing is not the key word for me this weekend. I'll be glad when it ends. (Shhhhh, don't tell anyone I said that.)
Happy Birthday to your wife.

JonnyTam13 said...

Ha, I'm glad this weekend is over too (I'll keep your secret if you keep mine). Busy weekends always go by too quickly and too slowly all at the same time. Go figure.