Monday, December 1, 2008

Count Her Out!

Ever since Kaylani was born she has reminded me of different things from my days of watching wrestling. Of course there was the wrestling match incident from 3 weeks back, but lately, there have been a couple of more. The first reminds me of some old school sleeper holds.

I'll try and be a bit descriptive since I'm sure not many of you watched as much wrestling as I did, but there's this move called "the sleeper hold." Okay, I'm sure there were some fancy names to it (like "The Camel Clutch"), but the generic sleeper hold is what comes to mind. In wrestling, one person is basically using their arm as a vice to hold the person's head. Then, the person usually "falls asleep" (passes out), and if they don't wake up, they lose the match. Well in order to check if they're awake, the ref picks up their arm high in the air, then lets it drop. They do this 3 times, and usually, without fail, on the third try, the arm will stay high up in the air (typically in a fist), shake a little bit to get the crowd going, and then the comeback would be on.

Well Kaylani does something similar. No, I don't put her head in a vice-like grip to get her to fall asleep (I might if the swaying didn't work...just kidding). But, every time she falls asleep, I test her sleep level by picking up her arm and letting it drop. If it drops straight down, I do it again for good measure. And even after it drops straight down for the second time, I can't resist a third try. I think I only do it because that's what they do in wrestling, and if you get that third drop, then you know you can count them out.

I'd say the arm drops straight down for the third straight time about 50% of the time. And when it does, she gets put right into a swaddle hold (swaddle hold sounds like a wrestling term right?) and she's usually fast asleep. But when the arm doesn't drop...when it stays up in the air...that's when we know we're in for a comeback. When she holds her arm straight up I feel like she's shaking it at me, getting all her stuffed animals riled up for a comeback, and it works. The momentum shifts and I have to retreat. I have to go back to the swaying, back to the shushing, sometimes even run off crying to Mommy.

When she's really riled up, she'll even start throwing around headbutts. She'll flail around aimlessly (or what I think is aimlessly), but really I think she's just headbutting me. Headbutts were always a crowdpleaser too because you never expect it. Man, this girl's good.

Anyways, Mommy thinks Kaylani might be out for the count right now, so it's time for the ref (or Daddy) to check her out. Let's just hope that third time is a charm...otherwise, we're in for a long match.


Cindy said...

OK.. here's a suggestion - STOP picking up and dropping her arm and MAYBE...just maybe she'll stay asleep?

Just a thought ! ;o)

JonnyTam13 said...

But then how will I know if she's going to stay asleep??