Tuesday, December 9, 2008

D is for Disgusting!

Fact: Kids don't like vitamins. It's taken 2 weeks, but I will now officially confirm this fact for Kaylani. Apparently she's just like all the other kids...I mean babies. She's not old enough to be a kid yet. In fact, she'll always be my baby, so forget the kids part in general and let's start over. Fact: Babies don't like vitamins.

Because Kaylani is breastfeeding and it's cold and gloomy here in the Northeast, our pediatrician recommended that we give Kaylani Vitamin D. She even recommended that we buy Tri-Vi-Sol instead of Poly-Vi-Sol because it tastes better. Little did we know how much our pediatrician actually knew.

To be fair, Mommy tried it before we gave it to Kaylani, and she said it tasted disgusting, but hey, that's all the happened to have at Target the day we were there. Well, we've been giving it to her for 3 weeks now, and we've finally caved in. Vitamin D is disgusting, at least in the Poly-Vi-Sol form. I can just see Kaylani shaking her head at me, rolling her eyes, and thinking to herself "THAT'S what I've been trying to tell you!"

Apparently we didn't pick up on this tell all too well. We now know that gagging, spitting up, crying, and practically choking are all signs that whatever she just ate tasted like crap. She even thought if she spit up on her once white onesies and staining them would teach us a lesson. It did...just 3 weeks too late. So, as a public apology to Kaylani, Daddy's sorry that he made you take Vitamin D-isgusting every night for 3 weeks, and he promises that Mommy or Daddy will go out and by the Tri-Vi-Sol that supposedly tastes much better.

We're also hoping that changing to a better tasting vitamin will stop other things too, like crying for no reason, not sleeping, diaper blowouts, and just general fussiness. Anyways, while we test out that theory, check out pictures from Kaylani's 1 month birthday! Maybe by her second birthday the effects of Vitamin D-isgusting will have worn off and she'll be calm, quiet, and sleeping through the night. Hey, you never know!


Ashley said...

At least you give her vitamins? She won't remember if they tasted like crap.. Cute pics! But you're totally making me nervous all they way in Texas with the putting her up on your shoulder stuff..support her little head. You're scaring me : )

Rina said...

Conner loves Tri-vi-sol. Num num nummers. :)

JonnyTam13 said...

Cmon Ashley, it's not like I'm leaving her on my shoulders and counting on her to hold on! She's very secure up there! But you're right, I probably should give a little bit more support. "You can do it!" How's that?

And Rina, I tried the Tri-vi-sol today...same thing. Well, maybe a little less choking, so I guess its better!