Saturday, December 13, 2008

Put your hands in the air!

Last night, I came to the realization that my baby is almost qualified to work as a signal caller at an airport. Her next milestone is the ability to hold onto things such as a rattle or toy, or in this case, orange glow sticks.

I know I've been writing about sleep a lot lately, but since I've heard quite a few "crappy" comments, you're going to have to put up with it for now. Soon you'll be begging me for stories about poop again, but in the meantime, it's sleep story time. I've already told you about our sleep routines, but I feel like lately her arm movements have become quite the show.

After she's done eating, and burping, and after she's ready for bed, it's time to get her swaddled. Now since we swaddle her with her arms inside (certain babies wake themselves up when the freak out and their arms go all over the place), its very important for her arms to be completely at her side when she's swaddled. If her arms are swaddled to the front, or a little bit up, chances are she'll cry until you try again. Also, if she's not swaddled real tight, Kaylani will do her best Houdini impression and get her arms out before she wakes up.

Lately, getting her arms down to the side has been a bit more difficult. She really does look like one of those people on the tarmac that wave planes in and out. She'll lift both arms straight up, or one straight up the other bent 90 degrees, both arms leaning sideways, both bent, one waving, or whatever. The part that really makes me laugh is when you put one arm by her side, and it goes just fine. But when you pull the other one down to her side, the other one shoots straight back up! Fix that one, and the other one bends, or goes up. And this goes on for a few minutes. It's like she's planes in to their appropiate spot. Well, it's either that or she's doing her best Village People impersonation.

Either way, it's hard to not smile when this happens, even if it's 3am and Daddy has been up for an hour and now dead tired. Supposedly this arm reflex ends by 3 months, so I guess I'll have to just keep smiling at Kaylani for the next 6 weeks. Until then, she's still really cute, no matter how tired Daddy may be.

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