Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stop the glider, I want to get off!

Kaylani is either going to love rollercoasters like Daddy, or hate them like Mommy. Early indications point towards loving them though. Of course, we're basing this solely off of her experiences with us rocking her back and forth, or more specifically, her time in the glider.

One of the ways to get her to sleep has always been to glide back and forth, but we've graduated past lightly gliding. We've moved to full speed gliding now, almost to the point where Kaylani's head looks like a bobble head! Okay, to save time for those of you who comment on my lack of neck support, it's not really that bad. Granted, it's not really that good either, but her little neck is fine. I promise.

I really do think she likes it though, and if she's crying she'll usually stop within a few high speed glides. If she's calm, but not quite sleeping, she'll slowly close her eyes as the wind blows against her face with each glide. She gets so calm that she doesn't even stir when Daddy glides too far back and hits the wall (I've yet to check if there's a dent back there).

It's kinda fun to watch her drift away into dreamland as we glide. The true test comes when we stop. The trick is to stop slowly as to not disrupt the vertigo that she may be experiencing. And if she stays passed out with no motion, then there's just the arm test left to do. Once that arm drops for the third time, it's to the crib we go!

The only question is if the high speed gliding works because she likes it and is relaxed, or if she hates it and closes her eyes to make it stop. Personally I think she must like it because from my experiences, when I'm dizzy and want things to stop moving, closing my eyes does NOT make it any easier (man it's been a long time since I've experienced that). Whatever it is, it works. And you know what they say! If it ain't broken, then don't stop gliding fast because it seems to work when you're trying to get your baby to close her eyes and go to sleep. Well, something like that anyways.


Mr. Sherman said...

Yes, you are training her to be insusceptible to the spins. Excellent idea!

JonnyTam13 said...

Yes, spinning was a weakness of many girls, so hopefully she will not fall for such trickery. However, as she gets older, we'll have to make sure to teach her the Suzy (otherwise known as the winding punch to the groin).