Saturday, December 27, 2008

Do Like The Birds Do

Tomorrow marks the first ever trip (further than an hour) for Kaylani. We're gonna fly South for the winter, or at least the New Year, and spend a week in Sunny Orlando with the entire family. Mommy, Daddy, and Kaylani will fly out of Philly with Abuela and Abuelo, while Daddy's entire family will fly out of Newark and meet us down there. It will be one big joint family vacation, and I can't wait!

The preparation for the trip, however, is a different story. We've been avoiding this moment and watching it come closer for months now, and to be honest, we were a bit nervous when we even agreed to this trip over the summer. Kaylani was only going to be 8 weeks old (she'll actually be 7 weeks since she was a week late), so it was extremely early, but we're pretty positive that we'll have a good experience. After all, she's been great everywhere else we've taken her.

Today though, we began packing. Packing for Daddy has never been a problem. I'll open a suitcase, overpack the heck out of it with at least 2 extra outfits, and then I'm done. But with Kaylani (and the "new" travel fees), things sure are different. Okay, we're actually flying Southwest, so luckily we won't have many extra travel fees (or scary 2 faced airline agents), but the packing for Kaylani was definitely different. Today, I got a feel for what it's like to play with a doll.

Mommy and Daddy spent a good hour going through Kaylani's possible outfits, which included playing dress-up with her to see if some of her warm weather clothes fit her, and if she finally outgrew her newborn clothes. It also included finding 12 outfits (2 per day for 6 days) by going through all of the different clothing combinations, weather possibilities, and of course, factoring in the cuteness aspect.

After all was said and done, Kaylani's closet and dresser ended up being fairly empty, and everything was thrown into her own suitcase that we'll carry on. That doesn't even include extra diapers and wipes since we'll be buying all of that once we get down there. Although Daddy did pack 12 diapers for the airport and flight, and I'm sure hoping that's enough, but you really never know.

Anyways, Kaylani is just about done, so it's time for Mommy and Daddy to put her to sleep and pack our own bags. For all you faithful readers, I'll try and post from my Blackberry down in Orlando, but for those of you who just come for the pictures, I'll have nothing for you until January when we get back (but then I'll have TONS of pictures)! If you want to find out when I do get a chance to blog again, you can check back, check Facebook, or signup for emails too! And in the meantime, check out pictures from today, and my first video post! It's a video of Mommy swaddling Kaylani. Sorry for the poor quality, but it was using the "night" mode so we didn't wake her up. And in case you don't check back, Happy New Year!


Cindy said...

Blog Comment...
I'm guessing there will be "poop" stories from the sunshine state.

Video Comment...
Egg Roll or Burrito? ;o)

Hugs to all - and say "Hi" to Momma Tam for me!

Doug Swist said...

Don't bother packing diapers/wipes/other disposables - just go to Walmart when you get there. It is much easier than packing all that stuff. You can also buy some swim diapers so we don't have to hear about how she shut down the pool. Also - give her a bottle or something to chew on when you take off and land (helps her to pop her ears).

Cindy said...

Hear Hear! I agree w/ the swim diapers - although you know she'll blow out of them! ;o)