Monday, December 29, 2008

So tired I can't sleep

Kaylani is supposed to get between 16 and 18 hours of sleep everyday. But when you switch "everyday" with "day we fly to Orlando," then you can also change "16 to 18 hours" with something more along the lines of "10."

The problem with 10 hours of sleep is that 7 of those hours come when she goes to sleep at night. So that leaves 17 hours in the day where Kaylani is awake for 14 hours and only asleep for 3 hours. Now, that was a lot of math, so for those of you not mathematically inclined (or Asian), let's put it in baby terms. For those of you without a baby, well then I've got nothing for you.

In a normal day, 3 hours of sleep across 17 hours isn't the worst thing in the world. It means Kaylani will be fussy for most of the day, instantly wake up if she's not constantly held, and take a solid hour post-feeding to go down for the night. But all that is manageable (Mommy might disagree) when we're in the comfort of our own home. Yesterday, we were anything but in the comfort of our own home.

The 17 hours before bedtime included getting ready to go to the airport, check-in (where we got threatened with a $1000 fine for not having Kaylani's birth certificate), security (no problems), boarding (no problems), a pilot trying to set a gate to gate time record leading to an extremely bumpy flight (awesome but also led to slight problems), a poopy diaper change during the bumpy flight (Mommy's problem), lunch at Bahama Breeze (delicious), unpacking at the apartment, a 1 hour wait for dinner in Downtown Disney with lots of lights and noises outside (big problems), and the dinner and the drive home (slight problems).

During some part of all of those events, Kaylani slept for 3 hours, and no more than 30 minutes at a time. I never understood when Mommy would tell me she was so tired she couldn't sleep, but Kaylani sure gets it. Luckily, when she finally went to sleep at 11:30, she stayed down until 6:30, then again until 9:30, and is back asleep now.

Everything we went through yesterday was totally worth it, because today, I'm sitting on a sunny porch in 80 degree weather in shorts and a t-shirt writing my blog. And best of all, Kaylani has been sleeping for over 11 hours. It's going to be a great day in Sunny Florida! Can't believe we ever moved away...

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