Thursday, December 4, 2008

Go ahead and shoot! I dare you!

We've had friends tell us to get professional photos done while Kaylani is still really young. "It's easier now" is what they say. So I figured, if it's easier, why don't we do it ourselves? I have a camera. I have a baby. I have a blanket that looks nice, and I even have a Christmas tree (okay, it's a tiny fiberoptic tree that we used when we lived in Florida, but it'll do until we get our first real tree this year). Well let me tell you, it's not easier. It's a lie.

We took over 100 pictures yesterday, trying to get Kaylani in a cute enough picture to put on a Christmas card. That doesn't even include us in the pictures since just trying to get her to look cute for us was hard enough! What's funny is that almost any other time, she'll lay there, and just stare straight ahead for a picture. Sometimes she'll even smile (or have gas) for the camera, and all is good. But put her in a Christmas outfit and tell her we need to get these shots in, and everything goes out the window.

Not only did she wake up, but she cried, she opened her eyes real wide (yes, the obvious "wide half-Asian eyes" jokes are being purposely left out of this blog), and she did some weird things with her hands and arms. Speaking of which, doesn't she look like she's giving some sort of "W" with her right hand in the picture above? I think she must know her Daddy's from West Caldwell and that's what we used to do back when we were "cool."

Anyways, since you've taken the time to come here, it's only fair for me to post the outtakes from our photo session (along with some other normal pictures from the last 2 days). Enjoy the cute outfits, the funny faces, and the wonderful backgrounds at Studio Tam! Oh, and by the way, I've now added captions to the latest pictures and will try and do so going forward. I figured I should have some of the essence from the original in here!


Alan said...

It's true, it will be more difficult the next two years because she won't be willing to stay still. Christmas photos taken at home don't come out so well when the subject is trying to take the camera.

JonnyTam13 said...

That's a fair enough comment. Have you tried buying a stocking large enough to play the subject in for pictures? That might keep them still if you then hang the stocking up.