Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's in that little head of yours?

When I was younger, I used to have a dog, and something that was always on my mind was what they were thinking. Actually, it wasn't so much "what" they were thinking, because I'm sure it was along the lines of food, play, hump things, but it was more of "how" they thought. Do dogs think in dog language, so in their head they hear "bark bark bark" and "woof woof woof", or do they think in people terms like "I sure could use a bone right now" and "I bet that stuffed animal over there will satisfy me?" Well in the Simpsons, Santa's Little Helper could hear random words intermingled with sounds like those you hear from adults in Charlie Brown. "Wah wah wah wah roll over wah wah wah" instead of "Hey boy, please roll over for me".

And then, around the same time, I was also big into The Rugrats. You ever watch that show? It was about babies who talked like normal to other babies, but sounded like they were crying or babbling to adults. I'm still convinced that babies talk to each other through their crying, but it's not nearly as comprehensible as it seemed on Rugrats.

So, you're probably wondering how dogs and The Rugrats tie into whatever is in my head. But it's simple (to me). What goes on inside Kaylani's little head? When I tell her to open her eyes, or to go to sleep, to stay still, or to smile for the camera, does that actually filter through her head and she ignores me, or do I sound like "wah wah wah wah?" Also, when she's laying there looking back at me, is she thinking "Hi Daddy! Aren't I really cute? I like it when you stare at me and smile" or is she thinking "wahhhh wahhhh goo goo ga ga plbbbbt?" I really don't know!

The more I look at her and see her concentrating on me, or what I'm doing, the more I convince myself that she actually does process complete, comprehensible thoughts in her head, but she just doesn't know how to say them. It's like the last episode of Grey's Anatomy with the women who has lost her voice and is afraid to speak. Except with Kaylani, I think she could speak if she wanted to, but she's just holding out.

Well whenever it happens, I'll be ready for it. But if I know girls (and I think I do), once she starts talking, I may never get her to stop. And hopefully, by the time she's a teenager and on the phone all the time, phones won't exist and there will be alternate means of communication. Yikes, let's not go down that path tonight. It's wayyy too early to think teenage years! My fears on that will come up in a later post. For now though, it's time to pay attention to my baby girl while she is still one.

And for you out there, you can pay attention to my baby too. Come visit like my friend Neha did tonight and you can pay extra close attention to her. Otherwise, just check out these pictures from the last 2 days. It's not even close to the same thing, but you'll have to visit to find out just how different it is.


Mr. Sherman said...

How much sleep are you getting these days?

JonnyTam13 said...

Lately, she's been sleeping between 5-6 hours, and then 2-4 hours after that. So on a typical day, she goes to bed at 9, I go to bed at 10, she wakes up/nurses from 3-4, then I wake up at 6. So, 6-7 hours/night?

Are you asking because you wanted to see how she was sleeping, or to see how tired I must be to write about these crazy things?