Saturday, December 20, 2008

Drumming to my own beat

Whenever it's Daddy's turn to feed Kaylani, or to burp Kaylani, or just to hold her and glide with her in her room while she falls asleep, my mind wanders. Never in my life have I been given so much time to hear my own thoughts, and it's kinda nice, and kinda strange all at the same time. The nice part is that I do get a lot of thinking done, usually about how beautfiul my little girl is, or how great of a life I have, and also about what I have to do next. The strange part is sometimes my mind wanders, and I have no idea how I got from thought A to thought Z.

More often that not, a song pops into my head and gets stuck there. I start to sing along in my head, sometimes hum out loud, and very rarely, I'll sing so Kaylani can hear me. But something else happens at the same time. I find myself tapping along to the beat. And usually, it's when I'm burping Kaylani. All of a sudden my slow steady patting of Kaylani's back turns into a drum solo from whatever random song is in my head.

Earlier today, the song in my head was Old McDonald Had a Farm. First off, I have no idea why that song was in my head since we don't listen to that song (or many children's songs in general yet). Whatever it was, it was in my head, and it stuck there. Pat...pat...pat...pat turned into:

*Pat pat pat pat pat pat pat*....e-i-e-i-o.
And *pat pat pat pat pat pat pat*...e-i-e-i-o
With a *pat pat* here and a *pat pat* there
Here a *pat*, there a *pat*, everywhere a *pat pat*
*Pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat*, e-i-e-i-ooooooooooo!

And yes, I actually sang the non-*pat* parts to Kaylani. After that went on for about 10 minutes, I stopped and couldn't figure out what I was doing or why I was doing it. It's like I was sleep patting. I'm actually just glad it's children's songs that pop into my head. Can you imagine what would happen to Kaylani if the music from Stomp popped into my head?

It's funny what having a baby does to your head. It sure makes you do some crazy things. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation (although we're sleeping pretty well), or maybe it's just a change in lifestyles now. I may just have to accept the fact that I'm going to *pat* along from now on. Shouldn't be a problem, at least until Kaylani can burp herself. Then I hope I grow out of this phase, otherwise someone's going to be awfully offended when I keep patting them.


Mr. Sherman said...

I think you are going crazy...

JonnyTam13 said...

Crazy like a fox!