Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Opening presents on Christmas Eve

My family was never strict on traditions , and that was definitely tru about Christmas. We would have the big dinner on Christmas Eve and open presents, and then Christmas Day was spent playing with all our toys. For us, it worked out great to do things this way as we got older, especially when both my brother and I had significant others and their families in our lives. Christmas Eve became a Tam family tradition in a way, so I guess we were pretty strict about that.

Well this year, we did everything on Christmas Eve Eve at my house because of some schedule conflicts. It went great, but everything was kinda off today. There were no presents to open, no big dinner planned, and it felt just like any normal day. I wasn't sad necessarily, and I got practically everything I asked for the day before so it's not like I was expecting more presents. But it was Christmas Eve, and I felt like I should open something. I mean, especially with Kaylani now, we should start our own traditions, or at least make sure to stick to some of our old ones.

Knowing how I felt, Kaylani helped me out. Around 8 o'clock tonight, she decided to give me one more present to open. She knew that I wanted to open something, to have that excitement of Christmas Eve still, so she delivered. She gave Mommy and Daddy a big ol' her diaper. After all, it is the only thing she could physically give us.

Being Christmas Eve, we were going to skip bath time, let her stay up a little later, and just sit by the fireplace and enjoy. But when she was sitting on Daddy's lap and mimicked the sounds of an elephant without using her mouth, our plans were altered. I thought it could have just been a lot of noise, but a small stain appeared on my jeans and I knew I was wrong. It also made me wonder how poop could possible get through 2 onesies (not just one), and a pair of pants. It just doesn't make sense, but I guess that's a different story.

Anyways, it's Christmas Eve, and Kaylani is all clean and as good as out right now, so it's time for Daddy to see how his new camcorder records in the dark. Keep an eye out for videos in the future, but for now, check out pictures from the last 2 days (separated into 2 albums), which include Kaylani's 1st Christmas. And if you're wondering why I'm wearing a tie, it's because I'm ridiculous, embarrassing, and ridiculously embarrasing to my family. Anyways, Merry Christmas to you and your families!

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