Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When we sent out Kaylani's birth announcement via email, one of the emails we got back simply said "Congrats! And welcome to 4:09am (the time she was born) - it's a time you'll grow very familiar with." I hadn't really grown familiar with 4:09am, or really anytime in the early morning yet. Sure, I had paid it a visit every now and then, but nothing that I would label as familarity. Until a few days ago that is.

Lately, she's been falling asleep just fine on her own at night, so that part of sleep training has worked. But the frustrating part is that she's been waking up every 3 hours on most nights, and only sleeps 6 hours at a time as the exception. We'd much rather have it work the other way like it used to, but there's nothing we can really do about it right now (although we're sure gonna try!)

The funny thing (not funny "haha", but funny "awww, that's sad") about Kaylani waking up after 3 hours is that it's usually only an hour after we've gone to sleep, or more specifically, an hour after Daddy has fallen asleep (it takes Mommy much longer to fall asleep). Also, Kaylani's cry after 3 hours of sleep isn't a full cry. It's more like a staggered cry that drags out over a long period of time. It goes something like "Wah..........wah......wahhh......wah..............wah"

So when Mommy has just about fallen asleep for the first time, she has to get up and calm Kaylani down or actually nurse her if she looks hungry or inconsoleable. Then, after another 2 to 3 hours, this all happens again. It's usually not until the 2nd or 3rd time before Daddy gets moving (typically between 3 and 5am). And whenever Daddy does finally decide to get his butt out of bed, it's like Kaylani knows it because she starts to play games.

Daddy will be halfway out of bed and towards the door when Kaylani stops crying. Conveniently, halfway happens to be right in front of the video monitor, so he can then stare at Kaylani who seems to be peacefully sleeping. Off comes the robe, and back into bed. And without fail, as soon as Daddy pulls the covers up over him, Kaylani cries again. Back out of bed, robe back on, and head towards the door again. And of course, silence...again.

This goes on for about 2 to 3 trips out of bed, or 10 minutes, which seems more like an hour when its early in the morning. But when she actually cries, Daddy goes to calm her, pick her up, rock her, bounce her, or whatever her until she falls asleep. Then, just to make sure she stays asleep and doesn't make a random cry to wake Mommy up, Daddy will head to his computer for a little bit to check his mail, read some sports, or play around on Facebook. And on days like today, by the time he's sure Kaylani is asleep, it's 5:45 or 6am, which is too close to the time he normally gets up to head back to bed.

I actually don't mind being up at 4am and staying up. Of course I'd rather be sleeping, but if I'm out of bed either with Kaylani or on my computer in the office, it means that Mommy gets a few hours of uninterrupted sleep which is important since she's the one that holds this family together. So if starting my day 3 hours early is what it takes, then that's what it will take. At least that's what it'll take until we figure out how to get her to sleep for 6-8 hours again. That's tonight's mission, which starts now (or more likely 3 hours from now).

Anyways, Kaylani's about to go into bed (late night for her!) and so is Daddy so that he can take the first shift and try something new with her. I'll let you know how our new plan is working in a few days, but in the meantime, here are pictures from the last 3 days. Enjoy!


Rina said...

It's times like these that I wonder at what point does a baby learn to manipulate you. Your doctor and my doctor said you can't spoil a baby this young & that they don't know how to cry out of manipulation, but it sure seems like they know!

You're a good daddy and a good husband letting your wife sleep some. It's harder to deal w/ crying when you're tired. I have the same problem of not falling asleep easily.

BTW- I enjoy reading your banter between you & Tom...reminds me of college. :)

JonnyTam13 said...

She did it again this morning and I do think she was manipulating me...but she's actually a little bit sick too so I guess I'll let it slide...this time.

And speaking of my banter between me and Tom, you know we still reminisce about you chugging Bacardi 151...but we won't tell your son that when he's older :)

Shannon said...

No way is she manipulating you. She doesn't have it in her yet. If she's sick especially, she just needs extra comforting. She spent 40 weeks with Brenda, so 3 1/2 months is too soon for her to really comfort herself. Keep loving her up and letting Brendalys rest when she can.

Rina said...

Ha ha, very funny. I thought it was vodka.

Didn't realize Kaylani's still sick! Give her lots of love & kisses. Let me know if you figure out when babies figure out they've got you wrapped around their little finger. So far, I don't think Conner knows, which is good cos I could cuddle him all day. :)

JonnyTam13 said...

We didn't realize Kaylani was still sick too! Her temperature spiked in the afternoon (which I've heard they do), but I think she's fine now. We have another doctor's appt tomorrow (supposed to have been her shots, but now it'll just be a "well" visit) so we'll see how she is then!

And I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to find out the manipulation thing first. Conner is older :)

Tommy said...

Yeah, I also recall 151. For some reason you thought it tasted good. blech!