Sunday, February 8, 2009

She ages pretty well

Today is Kaylani's 3 month birthday and we enjoyed every bit of it, from the second she woke up to the second she fell asleep, and everything in between too. The day started off so routinely, with Mommy and Daddy sleeping in until it was time to get ready for Church. But since Daddy doesn't get to see Kaylani wake up very often, he thought he would take it all in.

Part of me wonders if Kaylani knows that today is her 3 month birthday. She woke up with a giant smile on her face, even with Daddy taking pictures of her while she was waking up. Some may think that flash photography while she's sleeping may be a little bit mean, but it was 9am already and we had to make it to mass by 9:30am, so it was okay. Not only did she wake up in time for us to get to Church fairly on time (5 minutes late), but I did get to capture her first smile of the day.

The middle of the day was great too and Kaylani got to spend time with her friend Mia at her house. Mia's parents, Harold and Steph, even made a delicious brunch for all of us which Kaylani seemed to enjoy (several hours later when it passed through Mommy's milk of course). After a quick nap in Mia's swing (which Mia didn't seem too happy to be sharing), it was off to run a few errands then home for the night.

Tonight, we got the best present ever FROM Kaylani. We were just about to head in for bath time and we heard the cutest little laugh come out of our baby girl's mouth. We've heard her give a giggle before, maybe a single laugh, but never quite like this. She laughed for about 5 minutes and was so cute that it brought tears to Mommy's eyes. Before either Mommy or Daddy could compose themselves enough to grab the video camera, Kaylani decided the show was over. But even though we don't have it recorded on tape, it's in our memories forever and is the best gift she could have given us today.

So today was pretty great, just like every day we've had over the past 3 months. But now, it's time to start the next 3 months (I find it easier to look at Kaylani's life in 3 month increments so I don't have to think about her toddler or teenager years). For tonight, here are pictures from the last 3 days. They're split into 2 albums so make sure you look at them both!

Oh, and for those of you who happened to notice, I did make a slight change to the look and feel of The Daddy Diaries. The only way you may be affected is if you had a RSS feed going (like iGoogle). That address has changed, so use the link on the right to update. Thanks and keep reading!


Mayte said...

Happy 3 months baby Kaylani!Cute sign she look so adorable :)

JonnyTam13 said...

Thanks Mayte! We think she's pretty adorable too :)