Friday, February 27, 2009

Straight to the Mouth

Ever since Kaylani discovered her hands, they've been in her mouth. They go in, and come back out (with a whole lot of drool along with them). And once she figured out how to hold and grab things, that just gave her a whole new world of things to stick in her mouth. I have read that babies use their sense of taste to explore new things, but it's pretty silly to watch (and gross)!

I can't say that I'm too much different from Kaylani. Well, I don't put things in my mouth that aren't edible, but if it's food, in it goes (excluding my current dietary period). But with Kaylani, it's not food that goes in her mouth (although our pediatrician did say we can start food once we get back from PR next month...very exciting). It's everything else that goes in her mouth for now. Rattle? Mouth. Stuffed animal? Mouth. Daddy's finger? Mouth. Bib? Mouth.

Speaking of her bib, I thought bib's were supposed to catch drool and keep her clothes clean (at least her chest area). The way I've seen Kaylani use a bib is as an appetizer, or just another thing to put in her mouth. And the fact that it's conveniently strapped around her neck and doesn't go anywhere probably makes it the best thing ever for her! Imagine if you had food that never ran out strapped around your neck? Man, that'd be pretty sweet! I'd be able to eat steak whenever I wanted, although I bet I'd get attacked by more dogs then I do now (which is none...luckily).

They say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach (which is definitely true for me by the way). I'm not sure what the quickest way to Kaylani's heart is, but the quickest way to her mouth is definitely through her hand, or in her hand, or just her hand in general. We're just hopeful that in 3 weeks, when we give her rice cereal, fruits, and veggies for the first time, she's as willing to put things in her mouth and keep them there as she is now. Otherwise, food coming back out with a whole lot of drool to go along with it will be just a bit messier then her toys that go the same route.

Anyways, here are pictures from the last 2 days to close out Kaylani's 16th week with us. Can't wait for week 17, because it means we're one week closer to week 18, which is Puerto Rico time!


Tommy said...

I think this feed bag idea would be a great addition to your and Tim's restaurant. Trademark that!

JonnyTam13 said...

Done! Patent #12090192, so no one get any ideas about stealing it! Tim, we gotta get moving on that restaurant NJ.

Rina said...

When Conner eats his bib, we like to pretend that he's politely wiping the drool from his mouth.

JonnyTam13 said...

Ha, that's a cute way to think about it. But I feel it's more like I was wiping up a puddle on the floor with a towel, and dumping a bucket of water on the towel at the same time.