Friday, February 6, 2009

Soaking it all in

This post is not about poop, even though "soaking it all in" would be a great title for a poop story. What it is about is how unbelieveably interested in everything Kaylani is, especially people. Maybe she'll grow up to be a people watcher, or maybe she'll put attention to detail as a strength on her resume some day. Or maybe it means nothing since she's not even 3 months old yet, and it just means that she's soaking it all in.

I've always known that Kaylani was a starer. She stares at everything, even if there's nothing there. Sometimes it's the plain colored wall, or the ceiling, or just the floor. There are times where I think she stares at something just to see if I'll try and look with her. And if she could talk, I bet she'd say "haha, made you look!" But she can't talk, and she doesn't stop staring at whatever it is she stares at, so she must just be a starer.

Today, Daddy met Mommy and Kaylani at Panera Bread for lunch. It was there that I came up with the idea for this post. Panera at lunch is a busy place, so Kaylani had more then enough to stare at. And without fail, every time someone or something would go by, she would twist her head around to see what it was. Half the time it was a person walking by quickly and Kaylani may have reacted to late. The other half of the time someone would walk by and slow down to smile at her. Kaylani, given the opportunity to interact, would smile back. And the other half of the time, she would just stare at the people sitting around us.

It was kinda fun to try and follow her eyes. They would bounce around from person to person, table to table, and then try track the person walking by, and then go right back to the people around us. I really hope she is just soaking it all in, because the other possibility is that she's presentada (which is Spanish for nosy). There's a fine line between people watcher, attention to detail, and nosy, but at 3 months, I'm declaring it too early to define where exactly that line is drawn. For now, I'm just going to be glad that her brain is soaking it all in, and hope that her diaper does the same thing.

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